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Mission furniture kits for the Cypress and Fog roombox

My Cypress and Fog roombox has been sitting, partially furnished, for a long time. This week I built some Mission furniture kits that I’ve accumulated for this house. The sideboard is a Daisy House kit, and it’s not quite Mission style, but close enough. I guess I could have added spindles to the sides to… Keep reading »

Recent half scale projects

This week I finished cross-stitching a “Blue Kirman” carpet in half scale. It’s stitched over-one on 35-count linen. The finished size is about 2.75″ by 4.5″ (which would be 5.5′ by 9′ if it were life-sized). This design comes from a free pattern that I found online. Here it is in the Fairfield’s dining room… Keep reading »

A couple of half scale projects

I’ve been woefully neglectful of my puzzle house these past few weeks (those shingles took a lot out of me!), but I do have a couple of smaller half scale projects to show off. I scratch built these ladderback chairs using 2-inch Houseworks spindles and strip wood. I got the idea for the woven seats… Keep reading »

McKinley – the bedroom

I ran into a problem wallpapering the bedroom. First time around, there was a bubble and when I tried to fix it I ruined the paper along the back wall. Then I couldn’t get additional sheets of paper and had to wait to order more. They’ve been discontinued so getting them was not easy. THEN… Keep reading »

McKinley – the living room

One of the neat things about redoing a house that is already assembled is that I can get to the decorating much sooner. I have been planning out the rooms and where the furniture will go as I’m also working on wallpaper, electricity, and the exterior of the house. Here’s what I have in the… Keep reading »

McKinley – playing with furnishings

One of the things I decided to do with the McKinley is to make as many of the furnishings as possible. I felt if the house is going to be displayed (on the wall, as intended, or more realistically on a shelf because we have flimsy plaster walls), it makes sense that it should be… Keep reading »

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