Public Relations & Marketing

Much of my public relations and marketing experience is in the video game and transmedia storytelling fields. I enjoy supporting projects that have a strong narrative component. My past and present clients include:

Wadjet Eye Games

Wadjet Eye Games is an independent developer and publisher with a reputation for producing award-winning and critically acclaimed adventure games for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. I led the launch campaign for Gemini Rue, a unique retro-styled adventure game that garnered positive attention from outlets including IGN, PC Gamer, GamesRadar, Eurogamer, The Escapist, and Wired. I have also provided PR support for other titles (including Puzzle Bots, Da New Guys, the Blackwell series, Resonance, Primordia, The Shivah: Kosher Edition, and A Golden Wake) for game launches on the Wadjet Eye website,, and Steam.

Pinkerton Road

Pinkerton Road is an indie development studio started by legendary adventure game designer Jane Jensen in April 2012. I handled PR for the studio's initial announcement and Kickstarter campaign, which went on to earn more than $435k. The campaign received prominent coverage in the gaming media, with notable hits including GameSpot, Polygon, Wired, Forbes,, Eurogamer, Destructoid, Kotaku, Rock, Paper, Shotgun,, and VentureBeat. (For additional coverage links, click here.) I went on to handle the launch PR for Lola and Lucy's Big Adventure, a kids' ebook for iPad, that received a starred Kirkus Review and was mentioned on the Huffington Post. Other work for Pinkerton Road has included launch PR for the studio's first original adventure game, Moebius: Empire Rising, and support for the 20th anniversary edition of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers.


inkle is a Cambridge, UK-based indie developer that focuses on interactive narratives. I ran the PR campaign for the launch of Steve Jackson's Sorcery!, an iOS adaptation of the 1980's Sorcery! gamebooks. The game received an overwhelmingly positive response, with reviews from USA Today, Forbes, Kotaku, IGN, TouchArcade, PocketGamer, The Unofficial Apple Weblog, and many other gaming and consumer publications. My work for inkle has continued as subsequent Sorcery! installments as well as the innovative 80 Days, which launched to critical acclaim in July 2014.

Indie Press Day

Indie Press Day is a junket-style press event specifically for independent game developers. I helped organize the inaugural event, which took place May 22, 2013 in downtown San Francisco. My responsibilities included helping with event logistics, recruiting indie developers to attend, inviting the press, maintaining the website, and providing tips for attendees to further their PR efforts moving forward. Sixteen games were shown to journalists from IGN, Gamespot, Joystiq, GamesRadar, Polygon, IndieStatik, PC World, Rock Paper Shotgun, GamesBeat, and other local venues. Post-event coverage included a video feature on IGN and multiple hands-on previews.

Silicon Sisters Interactive

Silicon Sisters Interactive is Canada's first female owned and operated video game company. I wrote and distributed their initial press release, which was met with an overwhelmingly positive media response. The announcement was reported by a number of high-profile video gaming, entertainment, and news outlets, including IGN, Gamasutra, MCV, EDGE, AOL's Big Download, and My work with Silicon Sisters went on to include day-to-day press communications, coordination of interview and feature coverage, and promotion of their School 26 game series and Everlove, a narrative game designed for readers of romance novels.

The Game Bakers

The Game Bakers is an independent video game studio located in France. I handled PR for their debut game, SQUIDS, on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. Our launch campaign for iOS resulted in more than 200 reviews. My work with The Game Bakers continued with the June 2012 release of SQUIDS Wild West, the iOS / Android launch of Combo Crew in May 2013, and the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS releases of SQUIDS Odyssey in the summer of 2014.

Phoenix Online Studios

Phoenix is a group of dedicated game developers devoted to making adventure games for today's audience. I assisted with PR for their episodic King's Quest-inspired game, The Silver Lining. My work included the writing and distribution of press releases, media outreach, and coordination of reviews and Q&A. The initial series announcement was covered by more than 125 outlets, with notable hits including a feature and a video interview on 1UP. In late 2012 I resumed working with Phoenix to provide PR support for their first commercial game, Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, a 4-episode adventure series for PC, Mac, and iPad.


IndieGameStand is a service that offers a handpicked indie game for incredible "pay what you want" bargains every 96 hours. I handled PR surrounding the site's launch in September 2012. Our launch campaign resulted in coverage from major gaming websites worldwide and prompted more than 12,000 gamers to register with the service in the two weeks leading up to launch.

Klei Entertainment

Klei is an award-winning indie developer based in Vancouver. From November 2011 through mid-2012, I helped with day-to-day PR during the launch of the multi-platform beat-em-up Shank 2 (in coordination with Electronic Arts) and leading up to the release of stealth platformer Mark of the Ninja.

Launching Pad Games

Launching Pad Games is an independent developer based in Wellington, New Zealand. I handled launch PR for their iOS releases Mighty Fin, a side-scrolling acrade game, and Scarlett and the Spark of Life, the first installment in a four-part adventure game series.

Telltale Games

Telltale is the preeminent developer and publisher of interactive episodic content. For over three years I handled the company's public relations, customer support, and community management as a full-time employee. During this time, I executed PR campaigns for episodic game series such as Sam & Max, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, and Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures. Other responsibilities included copywriting and project management. I have continued to work for Telltale on a contract basis with projects that have included press communications and outreach, review coordination, merchandise sourcing and production, and the creation of product sell sheets.

Alawar Entertainment

Alawar is a leading publisher of casual games. As a freelance PR liaison, I have overseen launch campaigns for casual games released on PC, Mac, iOS, and PlayStation Network. My work for Alawar has involved writing and distributing press releases, pitching the media, and coordinating reviews and interviews.

Concept Art House

Concept Art House is a high-end art service provider and developer of original IP, with a focus on digital entertainment formats and transmedia storytelling. In July 2010 I helped them announce the Western debut of Daomu, a comic book series based on one of China's best-selling novel series. My work for CAH continued with press communications and PR strategy related to Daomu and other properties.

Health Education

I have a knack for distilling complicated medical information into language a lay reader can understand.

Krames Patient Education

Krames is a leading publisher of health and safety education materials. I was employed as a medical writer and project manager from 2001 to 2006. During this time, I authored over 50 booklets and brochures covering a wide range of topics including heart disease, healthy lifestyle choices, public health, mental illness, pulmonary rehabilitation, and women's health. I resumed writing for Krames on a contract basis in 2010.

Defying Disaster

Defying Disaster delivers innovative training and tailored consulting services that cover a range of health and safety topics. I provided copywriting, editing, and marketing assistance for the flagship Defying Disaster board game. My work for Defying Disaster has also included the creation of marketing and promotional materials, copywriting and content recommendations for the company website, and press outreach.

Print & Online Journalism

My topics of interest include video games and dollhouse miniatures. I have written more than 100 game reviews, previews, news posts, and feature articles for Adventure Gamers; print credits include Games™, Game Developer, Retro Gamer, 1UP Presents, Miniature Collector, and American Miniaturist. Samples can be viewed here.

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