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The haunted house of my youth

Check out this house that’s on the market in the neighborhood where I grew up. This house is next door to one of my best friend’s houses, but I don’t remember it. When I showed her the listing she said, “Oh yeah, the haunted house!” which sounded familiar, but I still can’t picture this house […]

Two-headed monster

This year for Halloween, Rosy is a friendly monster. The eyes and horns are supposed to go up over her head like a hood but she isn’t having any of that. So, she’s a two-headed monster. This will be our first year not attending the Marin Humane Society’s Halloween party (in fact, I’m not sure […]

Ducks and more ducks

Every year like clockwork, ducks show up in my swimming pool. They hang out for about six weeks, hatch a gaggle of babies, and then waddle off into the sunset–with a little help, because once baby ducks get in the pool they can’t get out again. This year, it happened twice: one pair of ducks […]

Website makeover

I’ve been fiddling with my website the past few weeks, so apologies if you tried to visit during that time and things were messed up. Everything should be working now. If you notice something wonky, please let me know! Quick rundown of the changes: I moved to a new theme named Hemingway. My favorite thing […]

Midnight bandits

And we thought the ducks were annoying. Over the summer, Rosy became very finicky about peeing at night, leading us to suspect there was another animal in or near the yard. A few mornings we woke up to find the yard ransacked — dog toys torn up and tossed in the pool, the small gate […]

Inmate 103114

Paying homage to her early days at San Quentin, Rosy dressed up as a jailbird — err, jail-greyhuahua — this year for Halloween. Posing for her mug shot at the Humane Society’s annual Howl-o-ween party. She ain’t afraid of no ghosts. This was Rosy’s fifth year attending the party, and “bobbing for bones” remains the […]

Rosy vs. the tomato

It’s been a while since I posted a too long, questionably entertaining video of my dog doing something inane. Without further ado, I present: ROSY EATS A CHERRY TOMATO!! (The tomato was ripe. It’s a “green grape” variety.) Music credit: “Run Amok” by Kevin MacLeod (incometech.com).

The Great Mallard Caper

Every year, a mother duck takes up residence in the ivy in our backyard, using the swimming pool as her own personal pond. (Dad pays the occasional visit… they may be monogamous, but sharing a nest is out.) Rosy goes nuts whenever she sees them, and after about six weeks a gaggle of ducklings hatch […]

Rosy’s tongue, the ongoing saga

WARNING: My last post about Rosy’s tongue was kind of cute. Today’s is kind of gross. Just putting that out there. So on November 4, I took Rosy to the vet for her annual check-up. While there, she panicked (as she usually does) and started panting heavily, which led the vet to notice some cuts […]

Tongue of the dog

Last week Rosy went to the vet for her annual check-up. As usual, she had a mild panic attack at the vet’s office, which resulted in heavy panting, and because her mouth was wide open the vet noticed a couple of cuts that suggested she’d bitten her tongue at some point. The doctor asked me […]

Gone Home review at Adventure Gamers

A few months ago I wrote about my early impressions of Gone Home, a game about a teenage girl set in the mid-90s, when I was a teenage girl. That game is now out, and my 4.5-star review has been posted on Adventure Gamers. The short version: this is an incredible work of interactive storytelling, […]

The Easter chick

Rosy’s Grammy sent a chick toy for Easter. It has metal contacts on the bottom and when you touch both contacts with your finger — or, say, your tongue — it chirps. Not an actual dog toy, but those are always the most fun. Initially, she was somewhat suspicious. But in time she realized that […]

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