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A new microwave for the Artist’s Cottage

While I was working on the Artist’s Cottage sleeping loft, I came across a MiniEtchers microwave kit that I’d put aside for the cottage years ago. The MiniEtchers site isn’t taking new orders right now, but you can see the microwave kit here. I can’t remember when I bought this kit, but it must have… Keep reading »

Artist’s Cottage sleeping loft

The last time I posted about the Spanish Revival Artist’s Cottage, in September 2016, my post ended with “the only thing left to do is the sleeping loft.” That was a true statement! I just didn’t intend for it to take five years. I bought this one-room 1:24 scale cottage as a $2 gatorboard shell… Keep reading »

Things I found while packing

So, I moved. From start to finish, it happened pretty fast, but it didn’t feel that way when we were carting carloads of stuff from the old house to the new house — including 20+ dollhouses! Here’s Rosy, a bit out of sorts, sharing the back seat of my car with several dollhouses during the… Keep reading »

Artist’s Cottage addition (part 2)

With the Artist’s Cottage addition assembled, it was time to stucco the outside. For years I have been using watered down Elmer’s wood filler as dollhouse stucco (here it is on the Rosedale, and on the Artist’s Cottage itself). I recently ran out of wood filler and when I went to buy more, Home Depot… Keep reading »

Artist’s cottage interior trim

In between rounds of stucco and paint on the Artist’s Cottage addition I finished the window and door trim. I almost didn’t add any trim to these — I liked the simplicity of the stained frames sticking in through the stucco. But some of the holes weren’t cut straight (for example, the top and right… Keep reading »

Artist’s Cottage addition

Last week I bought this gorgeous Braxton Payne fireplace on eBay. It’s a limited edition from a 2007 convention in Fresno and the auction said it was half scale. I love Braxon’s fireplaces and own a few — including the Southwestern beehive fireplace in my quirky Spanish Revival artist’s cottage — but I’d never seen… Keep reading »

Spanish Revival cottage – roof fix and windows

In one week (gasp!) I will be moving back to San Francisco and leaving the suburbs behind. The past six weeks have been busy with packing and de-cluttering and moving things to the (considerably smaller) new house, including everything that once lived in my beloved dollhouse workshop. The new house doesn’t have a dedicated dollhouse… Keep reading »

Spanish Revival cottage kitchen

Sometime between when I bought the gatorboard house and now, tiny houses have become a thing. After seeing some episodes of Tiny House Nation and Tiny House Hunters I decided that the Spanish Revival artist’s cottage qualifies as a tiny house. With the addition I’m planning to add it’s something like 460 square feet, so… Keep reading »

The barrel tiles that took forever (and kind of suck)

I have been working on the gatorboard house’s barrel tile roof for two weeks, which is about one week and five days longer than I thought it would take. It hasn’t exactly been fun. I started by painting the tile sheets with gesso, thinking this would help the paint stick to the styrene. These are… Keep reading »

Spanish Revival chimney

Following the not-so-great roof experience, I made a chimney for the Artist’s Cottage and it turned out pretty well. I feel like I’ve redeemed myself. :)

The reason for the chimney is that the Braxton Payne fireplace I bought extends past the roof line. Originally I thought about cutting the top of the fireplace down, but decided that cutting a hole in the roof and enclosing the visible top part with a chimney would be less likely to result in disaster. (Not to mention more realistic!)

Artist’s Cottage roof

I recently added email alerts to the blog. If you want to get a brief, non-spammy email when I post a new blog, please sign up on the right sidebar. I knew when I bought the scratch built gatorboard house sans roof that figuring out the roof would be the most complicated part of the… Keep reading »

Artist’s Cottage floor & door

In the Artist’s Cottage, I’m planning to use a funky kitchen set I got at last year’s CHAMPS show for cheap (along with an Acme fridge). This kitchen lacks an oven, but in keeping with the funky “off the grid” vibe I don’t have a problem with that. I’ll add a microwave and a grill… Keep reading »

Getting started on the Artist’s Cottage

Last summer I bought this scratch built half scale house shell at a mini flea market for $2. I’m trying to finish off some smaller projects before I dig in on the Little Belle, so after a year of it sitting on the shelf I pulled it out this week. The woman who sold it… Keep reading »

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