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Finishing the Fairfield bathroom

It’s been years since I did anything with the Fairfield. It sits on a table at the top of the stairs and I stop and look at it now and then, but besides adding new accessories on occasion, it doesn’t change much. I (more or less) finished the Fairfield in 2010, and all this time, […]

Half scale swap goodies and record album how-to

I just participated in my first mini swap, which combines the fun of getting chain letters in the mail (remember those?) with the fun of scoring a bunch of free minis. The swap was done by the Yahoo Half Scale group and there were 46(!) participants, meaning we each had to provide 46 of an […]

Fireplace painting tutorial

After painting my Fairfield’s fireplaces, I decided they should both be the same blue color rather than one blue and one green, so I went to the dollhouse store to pick up another blank one. I wasn’t positive that the ones in the store were exactly the same as the ones I had, so I […]

Fairfield fireplaces (finally!)

For years, the Fairfield has had unpainted resin fireplace fronts propped up against the chimney. I got in the mood to decorate the house for Christmas and decided the unfinished fireplaces would never do! I started by making hearths out of a polystyrene brick sheet leftover from when I built the house (I used it […]

Half scale scratch-built dresser

Last week when I saw this tutorial from Antique Daisy for making a dresser with fake drawers, it inspired me to make one for the Rosedale. I’ve been looking for a tall skinny dresser that sort of matches the bed and nightstand I’d built from kits for the bedroom. The corner where I wanted to […]

Fairfield kitchen cabinets (continued)

My order of Bonnie Lavish kits included a counter top and sink. The sink is made of wood—three skinny cutout pieces that are glued together to create depth, and a bottom piece with “drains” scribed into the wood. The photo below shows the sink parts after the three cutouts were glued together, but before the […]

Fairfield kitchen cabinets

Recently there was a conversation on the Yahoo half scale group about Bonnie Lavish’s kitchen cabinet kits. She discontinued these several years ago but said she would cut some for people on the list who were interested. Since I have two half scale kitchens to work on—the Fairfield and the Rosedale—I jumped at the offer! […]

Peanut butter and jelly, together again

Back in April, after I built a pantry for the Fairfield, I mini-splurged on half scale jars of Skippy peanut butter and Welch’s grape jelly. I usually don’t buy foodstuffs because with a scanner and a color printer, they’re easy to make, but these came in cute little jars, and I was excited about the […]

Puzzle house landscaping — getting started

Over the past few weeks I’ve been collecting fake flowers to landscape the puzzle house, and today I made the first few plants. Click here for a close-up. I want this garden to have more of an autumn color scheme than the Fairfield’s pinks and purples, so I’ve been looking for more subdued foliage. I […]

Fairfield rec room furniture

After landscaping the Fairfield, I finished up the fiddly trim bits inside, so the house is officially “move-in ready.” I posted a gallery on Greenleaf’s forum that shows all of the empty rooms. I’m especially happy with how well the trim I added to the edges of the plywood hides the massive warping on the […]

Fairfield landscaping behind-the-scenes exposé

The other day I posted a bunch of pictures of the finished Fairfield garden looking all nice and pretty. Now I’ll show you how it got that way. Most of the supplies my mom and I used to landscape the Fairfield were fake flowers that came from Michael’s, with a few previous Dollar Tree purchases […]

The Fairfield’s garden, in full bloom

My Fairfield has been in progress for six and a half years, and it’s *this* close to being complete. I have some details to finish (a few baseboards, the upper porch railings), plus I’m still working on furniture for some of the rooms. But even though it’s not quite done, the house has been placed […]

Fairfield kitchen — all done!

I’ve been working my way through the Fairfield’s rooms, trying to get the interior finished so I can put the house on display. My most recent accomplishment is completing the trim, flooring, and some finishing touches in the kitchen. I’ve always had a vision in my head of how I’d finish the pantry, and finally […]

Fairfield progress, slow and steady

I won’t be winning any races, but someday in the not-so-distant future the Fairfield will be finished and on display in my living room, and when that day comes I’ll be really proud I took so long to make it as close to perfect as I can. (Right?!) My latest task is doing all of […]

Recent dollhouse updates

The exterior of the Fairfield is finished! (Well, mostly.) Take a look at the fishscale shingles and finished sections to see the latest pictures. I’ve also posted some pictures of my mini workshop in the garage of our new (life-sized) house, and my long sought-after Tomy Smaller Homes dollhouse.

Fairfield – finished!

After years (literally) of letting my Fairfield languish in an almost-done state, I have put on the finishing touches! (On the outside, anyway.) Siding and shingles are all up, trim has been attached, porch posts have been glued in. Okay, there are a few things that remain to be done… like the upper porch railing, […]

Fairfield – fishscale shingles

On the suggestion of my friend Pam Junk, I decided to add fishscale shingles to make the house a little more interesting. (They’ll also cover up some defects in the less-than-perfect paint job…) Rather than use the Houseworks wooden shingles, which come as individual pieces, I am cutting strips from posterboard. These will be glued […]

Fairfield – hardwood floors

A while ago, I picked up some wooden coffee stirrers to make hardwood floors for the Fairfield. For some reason, now seemed like a good time to do it! First I stained the coffee stirrers with Minwax Golden Oak. This brought out the grain and even some knots, so they really do look like scale […]

Fairfield – roof

I’d put the roof on before to see how it looked, but now that the siding is in I was able to glue it down. As expected, it didn’t fit like it was supposed to. That’s where balsa strips and wood filler come in handy! It’s looking like a real house! I glued little pieces […]

Fairfield – siding, windows, and doors (2)

After many months of playing with the interior of the house, I’m back to work on the outside. When last we saw our hapless heroine, she had just finished staining shingles for the roof. Those are still sitting in the hangar waiting to be glued on. First I have to finish the siding and glue […]

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