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Fairfield – finished!

After years (literally) of letting my Fairfield languish in an almost-done state, I have put on the finishing touches! (On the outside, anyway.) Siding and shingles are all up, trim has been attached, porch posts have been glued in. Okay, there are a few things that remain to be done… like the upper porch railing, the cap on the chimney, and the front step. But it looks so pretty and I’m so happy to be “done,” I figured I’d post a picture now, anyway.

Now I just have to finish the inside…

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  1. It looks wonderful! I really feel inspired to get on with my Fairfield again… all I have to do is finish off the 50 or so quarter scale UFOs I have that are taking up all the room in my studio so that I have space to uncover my poor Fairfield and do some finishing off too…………..and maybe, after reading your posts on the Arthur, to dig my poor Arthur out and do some work on it as well. It was stored for several years in hubby’s shed and all the wallpaper has been damaged and it needs a major refurbishment and renovation. I have been thinking shabby chic ….

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