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Freelance Police office – file cabinet and stacks of paper

Big news! After a year and a half on preorder, my Sam & Max figures from Boss Fight Studio are finally here! But that’s not even the biggest news… Sam & Max Save the World — the game my roombox is based on — is being rereleased on PC and Nintendo Switch! Sam & Max… Keep reading »

Thimbleweed Park cross stitch

Update: This project was so much fun I decided to do more! I’m stitching Thimbleweed Park’s cast on an afghan and hope to post a chart for each character. Get them here! I rarely post about my day job on the blog, but I do contract PR for video games, and I have been working… Keep reading »

Get reacquainted with Gabriel Knight, then give his momma some money

Grace: “I feel like there’s something else out there, waiting for us. Do you think we’ll ever find it?”Gabriel: “Never know, Gracie. One of these days we just might.” Two things. One: the Gabriel Knight behind-the-scenes article I wrote for Games™ last year has just been posted on their website. This is a retrospective that… Keep reading »

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller preview at Adventure Gamers

This month has flown by, thanks to two weeks of house guests and a super exciting PR project that I’m dying to talk about but have to keep secret a few more days. Before all of this, though, was the Game Developers Conference, where I saw some great games, heard some great panels, and (the… Keep reading »

The Silver Lining: Something wicked this way comes…

Phoenix Online Studios have announced that the third episode of the King’s Quest inspired fan game The Silver Lining is finally almost here. It’s been five months since the last episode (a lot longer than they wanted it to take) but if the trailer below is anything to go by, it’s really been worth the… Keep reading »

Free the princess! Err, I mean, get the princess for free!

Launching Pad Games have made their excellent iPhone / iPod Touch adventure game, Scarlett and the Spark of Life, free for one day only. Hey, you can’t argue with free! I’ve been playing quite a few adventure games on my iPod Touch as of late, and Scarlett is one of the better games around. The… Keep reading »

King’s Quest III “redux” coming in February

This announcement excites me on so many levels. AGD Interactive put out remakes of the first two King’s Quest games in the early 2000s, right around when I was getting back into adventure games after checking out during my college years, during which time the genre up and “died.” I loved that there were fans… Keep reading »

If you’re a King’s Quest fan, this will make you cry (in a good way)

The first time I watched this intro to The Silver Lining, Geoff glanced over at me and said, “Um, are you crying?” And yes, I was. If you’re a Sierra fan, seeing this is like coming home after a really, really long time. Then again, I cried multiple times tonight watching Toy Story 3. Maybe… Keep reading »

King Graham, is it really you?!

Okay, so way back in the days of my youth, I was a huge fan of King’s Quest. (Still am, though somewhat closeted. Heh.) Sometime around the early part of this century, though, Sierra was sold to Big Corporate America and it looked like we’d seen the last of King Graham. AGD Interactive did a… Keep reading »

The play’s game’s the thing… mif2000’s Hamlet

I’m doing contract PR for Alawar Entertainment, who just released an interesting game named (deep breath) Hamlet, or the last game without MMORPG features, shaders and product placement. When I first heard about this game a few months ago, I was interested to check it out because I’m a big fan of media that comes… Keep reading »

Announcing Dragons Vs Robots

It’s been a little over two months since I left my day job, and one of the wonderful discoveries I’ve made is that being a free agent gives me the opportunity to do all sorts of work with all sorts of different companies. (And work on my novel. Yes, that.) Over the summer I hooked… Keep reading »

Shank is his name, and Shank is his game…

I spent the weekend helping out with PR for Klei Entertainment’s new shoot-em-up / beat-em-up / slash-em-up / stuff-grenades-in-their-mouths-and-blow-em-up game, Shank. I’m usually more of a “make peace, not war” gamer, but after a few moments’ apprehension I found that I really enjoyed the Shank demo that Klei had playable at PAX. Here’s a little… Keep reading »

Public Relations in Games: The Science of Secrets

Hey Marty, don’t look up! Before I left Telltale, I did an interview for this Gamasutra article about game PR. The article just went up yesterday, which gives it a Back to the Future-esque quality. Sort of like when Marty McFly from the second movie is climbing the scaffolding over the stage while Marty McFly… Keep reading »

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