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Hillside Victorian deck (part 3)

The last time I worked on the Hillside Victorian’s deck, I wasn’t sure about the color I’d painted it. I also didn’t like how the flagstones ended abruptly at the stairs. I decided to continue the flagstones onto the stairway (like in the inspiration photo I found online) and to paint the deck another color. […]

Hillside Victorian deck (part 2)

After building the deck for the Hillside Victorian, I wasn’t sure how to finish it. I thought it should match the hot tub, but didn’t want too much brown to detract from the color scheme of the rest of the house (especially since there’s no brown or stained wood anywhere else). So, I turned to […]

Hillside Victorian deck (part 1)

After completing the Hillside Victorian’s hot tub, I turned my attention to the deck. I’m using an old kit from Betty’s Wooden Miniatures. The dollhouse store had it marked down from $50 to $30 because they weren’t sure if all the pieces were there. Since I was planning to bash the hot tub into the […]

Egg carton stone foundation

After seeing some gorgeous results in other people’s galleries, I decided to try making a stone foundation for the Hillside Victorian out of egg cartons. It turned out to be surprisingly easy, and the price is right! I started by painting the foundation gray, using a flat Behr paint I picked up off the “oops” […]

Breaking windows (on purpose)

Soon after painting two windows and a door for the Hillside Victorian, the lack of consistency among their pediments started to bother me. I bashed the door together and the pediment isn’t exactly the same as on the Houseworks Victorian windows, but it’s very close. However the pediment on the small window (also a Houseworks […]

The Midas touch

King Midas got his hands on the Hillside Victorian today. But first, I finished up the front door. This morning I bought a piece of strip wood that’s the same width as the blue stripes on the windows. (It pays to have a miniature store in the neighborhood!) And here’s the end result. The shoulder […]

Pretty windows, pretty door

As I’ve mentioned numerous times I’m not a fan of detail work, but the Hillside Victorian is just screaming out for Victorian details, and who am I to refuse? Most of the windows on this house are Houseworks Victorian windows, and I’m painting accent colors similar to how I did the Fairfield’s windows. At 1:12, […]

Slow and steady wins the race (or so I hear)

Gah, I hate trim. Especially on giant 1:12 dollhouses. But the Hillside Victorian’s going to be a beauty when it’s done… I spent countless hours this weekend working on the embossed trim for the eaves. I started by painting the pieces I cut last weekend. Initially I planned to leave it white. But the embossed […]

Hillside Victorian – trimapolooza

When we last saw the Hillside Victorian, she had cleaned up nicely under the light blue house paint and white trim, and was awaiting her navy blue accent color. I really hate painting trim so I’ve been kind of lazy about it, but here’s the progress of the last two weeks. My first step was […]

Hillside Victorian, Day 2

Not only is this house much larger than I’m used to, it’s also much heavier. I’m used to light little half scale houses that I could toss in the air if I wanted to. After a second day of fighting with the siding on this behemoth, my hands and arms are covered with scratches and […]

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