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Mary Engelbreit Mother Goose crib cover kit by Bucilla (a review, sort of)

My childhood best friend Michelle had her second baby in December. For her first child, I cross stitched an Animal ABC afghan from a Dimensions kit. I liked stitching the afghan and wanted to do another one for the new baby, but after much searching I couldn’t find a cross stitch design that I liked… Keep reading »

Spiral stairs (and bad customer service) from Lumenaris

The back-to-back Victorianna has two towers, which I enclosed with French doors to turn into little rooms. The one in the master bedroom will be a small office / writing room. The other tower is attached to the nursery, and I couldn’t think of anything that a baby would need in an enclosed room besides… Keep reading »

Brackets from JMG Miniatures

I haven’t done anything with the Victorianna since October when I worked on the porch. I wasn’t happy with the sunburst brackets, especially at the short ends. I thought it might look better to use brackets that curve inward, so they form an arch when they’re so close together. Right around this time I placed… Keep reading »

Animal ABC baby afghan — the good, the bad, and the adorable

My oldest friend, Michelle, just had her first baby. (We’ve known each other since nursery school!) When my sister’s kids were born I cross stitched Teresa Wentzler’s Castle Sampler and Noah’s Ark Sampler, which I loved doing, but I always feel a little presumptuous giving someone a big framed piece with the expectation that they’ll… Keep reading »

Attempting to transfer Xfinity service has been the worst part of our move

On Tuesday Geoff and I moved into a house in San Francisco. The move itself went incredibly smoothly – shout out to Delancey Street Movers for their awesome service and great price. Wednesday we went back to the old place to clean it up for the buyers, and were done ahead of schedule. On the… Keep reading »

My second Shapeways experience

Satisfied with my last experience shopping at Shapeways, I placed another order a few weeks ago. Pretty Small Things had just added some office type furniture to their shop including a file cabinet, which is an item I’d been wanting for the Rosedale’s home office. While I was at it I also ordered an industry… Keep reading »

3D printed furniture in half scale, from Pretty Small Things and Shapeways

As 3D printing is becoming more common, I’m tempted to buy a 3D printer for use in minis, but the technology is too new (and too over my head) for me to feel comfortable being a guinea pig early adopter. I recently bought some 1:24 scale 3D printed furniture from Pretty Small Things and Shapeways,… Keep reading »

Cir-Kit half scale lights, and the sadness they caused me

Progress on the Queen Anne Rowhouse has been somewhat stymied by one disaster after another with the electricity. On October 3, I ordered eleven half scale lights from Swan House DIY for a cost of about $130. (They didn’t show up until Halloween, but that’s a story for another time.) Of these, four were Houseworks… Keep reading »

Mac woe, followed by Mac wow

It’s easy to bitch about bad customer service experiences and even easier to forget to praise the good ones, so I thought I’d share my recent Apple Store experience. Spoiler: it has a happy ending. A while back, my MacBook developed a crack in the plastic casing to the right of the track pad. I… Keep reading »

The cost of dog ownership

Before getting Rosy, I wondered how much it cost to get a dog. Well, now I know. In our first month of dog ownership, we have spent $850.23. Wow, you must be thinking. You must really be spoiling your dog. Actually, not so much. Of course a lot of this expense is made up of… Keep reading »

The little speakers that couldn’t

Logitech’s S-120 speakers. Don’t buy them. They’ll only break your heart. In September, with my trusty Dell (circa 2002) on its last legs, Geoff built me a new computer. We bought all of the components from NewEgg, including a pair of Logitech S-120 speakers that cost $14.99. I use my PC for gaming, but my… Keep reading »

Sierra letter the third

Found on an even older floppy disk… May 14, 1994 Dear Sierra, I have a question. When is Police Quest 4 going to be out for the Mac? I’ve been waiting since January, and finally last week I saw it advertised in the Mac Warehouse catalogue. When I called them to order it, they said… Keep reading »

It’s okay Sierra, I still love you

The infamous City Hall showdown. Yes, this is what I was so upset about. Oops. Yesterday when I posted that customer service letter I wrote to Sierra, I misremembered the outcome. Today I managed to view the rest of my old Mac floppy disks using the free trial of Macdrive. (My clunker PC is old… Keep reading »

Customer service revisited (retro style!)

I spent most of the evening trying to find some things I thought I had and apparently have lost. The main thing I was looking for were my literary magazines from high school. I just wanted to flip through them for a little nostalgia, and was disturbed to realize they weren’t in the drawer I… Keep reading »

I knew this day would come, but I dared to dream…

I got a response from Chase today in regards to the letter I sent about my recent crappy experience with their company. Smacks of being a form letter… not one personal touch in it, and no signature, although the name at the bottom is Kelly Hanick, senior director of customer service, to whom I sent… Keep reading »

Oh, customer service…

I had an unexpectedly pleasant experience at Safeway a couple of weeks ago. I was buying falafel mix and decided to buy it in bulk rather than in a box because the per-pound cost came out a little cheaper. When I got to the register, the falafel rang up at a higher per-pound price than… Keep reading »

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