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Brackets from JMG Miniatures

I haven’t done anything with the Victorianna since October when I worked on the porch. I wasn’t happy with the sunburst brackets, especially at the short ends. I thought it might look better to use brackets that curve inward, so they form an arch when they’re so close together. Right around this time I placed […]

My second Shapeways experience

Satisfied with my last experience shopping at Shapeways, I placed another order a few weeks ago. Pretty Small Things had just added some office type furniture to their shop including a file cabinet, which is an item I’d been wanting for the Rosedale’s home office. While I was at it I also ordered an industry […]

Mac woe, followed by Mac wow

It’s easy to bitch about bad customer service experiences and even easier to forget to praise the good ones, so I thought I’d share my recent Apple Store experience. Spoiler: it has a happy ending. A while back, my MacBook developed a crack in the plastic casing to the right of the track pad. I […]

The cost of dog ownership

Before getting Rosy, I wondered how much it cost to get a dog. Well, now I know. In our first month of dog ownership, we have spent $850.23. Wow, you must be thinking. You must really be spoiling your dog. Actually, not so much. Of course a lot of this expense is made up of […]

The little speakers that couldn’t

Logitech’s S-120 speakers. Don’t buy them. They’ll only break your heart. In September, with my trusty Dell (circa 2002) on its last legs, Geoff built me a new computer. We bought all of the components from NewEgg, including a pair of Logitech S-120 speakers that cost $14.99. I use my PC for gaming, but my […]

Sierra letter the third

Found on an even older floppy disk… May 14, 1994 Dear Sierra, I have a question. When is Police Quest 4 going to be out for the Mac? I’ve been waiting since January, and finally last week I saw it advertised in the Mac Warehouse catalogue. When I called them to order it, they said […]

It’s okay Sierra, I still love you

The infamous City Hall showdown. Yes, this is what I was so upset about. Oops. Yesterday when I posted that customer service letter I wrote to Sierra, I misremembered the outcome. Today I managed to view the rest of my old Mac floppy disks using the free trial of Macdrive. (My clunker PC is old […]

Customer service revisited (retro style!)

I spent most of the evening trying to find some things I thought I had and apparently have lost. The main thing I was looking for were my literary magazines from high school. I just wanted to flip through them for a little nostalgia, and was disturbed to realize they weren’t in the drawer I […]

Oh, customer service…

I had an unexpectedly pleasant experience at Safeway a couple of weeks ago. I was buying falafel mix and decided to buy it in bulk rather than in a box because the per-pound cost came out a little cheaper. When I got to the register, the falafel rang up at a higher per-pound price than […]

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