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Big Bird Grows Up (a short story)

I started this blog soon after I quit my job at Telltale to freelance, with the nebulous plan of posting about writing and other stuff. It’s become a place where I mostly post pictures of dollhouses and occasionally of my spoiled rotten dog. I still write, I just don’t talk about it much. For someone… Keep reading »

Gone Home review at Adventure Gamers

A few months ago I wrote about my early impressions of Gone Home, a game about a teenage girl set in the mid-90s, when I was a teenage girl. That game is now out, and my 4.5-star review has been posted on Adventure Gamers. The short version: this is an incredible work of interactive storytelling,… Keep reading »

My So-Called Life: The Video Game — Gone Home previewed at Adventure Gamers

“You’re so beautiful it hurts to look at you.” -Angela Chase, August 25, 1994 First of all, if Google brought you here, there is not (as far as I know) a My So-Called Life video game. That would be awesome. There is, however, a game coming out later this year named Gone Home, that any… Keep reading »

Space Quest behind-the-scenes feature in GamesTM issue 135

For the past few years I’ve been chipping away at the Sierra adventure game series for the retro section of UK magazine Games™, and the tradition continues in issue 135 with Space Quest. On newsstands now! The original Guys from Andromeda, Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy (pictured here on vacation in Yosemite), along with “new… Keep reading »

Designing Journey article at Adventure Gamers

Though my blogs have focused mostly on little things lately, behind-the-scenes writing continues. I spent last week at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, and Adventure Gamers has just posted Designing Journey, the first of several GDC articles to come. I also wrote a feature about Telltale for issue 134 of Games™, on sale… Keep reading »

Chaos on Deponia review at Adventure Gamers

Yesterday Adventure Gamers posted my review of Chaos on Deponia. This is the second game in a series of three. (I reviewed the first one a few months ago.) This is a Monkey Island-style comedy game and it’s stylistically very “old school,” with all those ridiculous types of inventory puzzles we used to love back… Keep reading »

Ron Gilbert Emerges in issue 125 of GamesTM

When I visited Double Fine’s office to take a look at Ron Gilbert’s upcoming game The Cave, he and I spent about an hour talking not just about the new game but also about adventure games in general, and where they’re going, and where they came from. It was too good a conversation to keep… Keep reading »

Ron Gilbert’s new game The Cave previewed at Adventure Gamers

Last week I had the privilege of meeting with Ron Gilbert to talk about (and see a little bit of) his new game, The Cave. My preview went up on Adventure Gamers today. Ron’s been designing adventures for nearly three decades and he had a huge hand in shaping the genre with his work on… Keep reading »

The Secret of Double Fine’s Success – feature article in GamesTM issue 122

During GDC, I had the awesome opportunity to spend an hour with Tim Schafer, shooting the shit about his insane Kickstarter experience, his plans for the Double Fine Adventure, and what he thinks about the state of adventure games in general. It was an incredible conversation. (For me, anyway… he missed out on eating lunch… Keep reading »

Get reacquainted with Gabriel Knight, then give his momma some money

Grace: “I feel like there’s something else out there, waiting for us. Do you think we’ll ever find it?”Gabriel: “Never know, Gracie. One of these days we just might.” Two things. One: the Gabriel Knight behind-the-scenes article I wrote for Games™ last year has just been posted on their website. This is a retrospective that… Keep reading »

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller preview at Adventure Gamers

This month has flown by, thanks to two weeks of house guests and a super exciting PR project that I’m dying to talk about but have to keep secret a few more days. Before all of this, though, was the Game Developers Conference, where I saw some great games, heard some great panels, and (the… Keep reading »

Eye on iPhone vol. 5 – Law & Order, Touch Detective, etc.

After a fairly lengthy hiatus (my fault, not theirs), Adventure Gamers has posted the fifth installment of my Eye on iPhone article series. I continue to be baffled by the number of mischaracterized non-adventures cluttering the App Store’s adventure section and this is my small attempt to make it right. (Which, much like adventure games… Keep reading »

Retail game manufacturing, exposed!

Sam & Max on the assembly line The article that originally appeared in 1UP’s print on demand magazine is now online for your digital reading enjoyment. Did you get a game under your Christmas tree? Now you can learn all about how that precious package was made, why it’s significantly smaller than the game you… Keep reading »

To the Moon review at Adventure Gamers

What is To the Moon? It’s an adventure game. What else? It’s a love story. What else? It’s… it’s beautiful. I don’t know how else to describe it. (But I tried.)

“Paper and Discs” in 1UP Presents issue 3

Today I received my copy of 1UP Presents issue 3, a beautiful print-on-demand magazine put together as a labor of love by Matt Leone and others at 1UP. It’s also, sadly, the last issue they’re planning to do. I can sort of understand that because “print is dead” (yadda yadda) and because, by its very… Keep reading »

Police Quest behind the scenes in GamesTM 115

Continuing my grand tradition of pimping Sierra games in GamesTM, this month I’ve written a behind the scenes article about Jim Walls’ Police Quest. The issue number is 115, and it should be on newsstands in the UK right now (probably also some US stores, but with Borders out of business I can’t confirm this).… Keep reading »

Emily the Strange: Strangerous review at Adventure Gamers

Oops… what happened to August? This morning Adventure Gamers published my review of Strangerous, a Nintendo DS game based on one of my favorite namesakes tee shirt celebrities, Emily the Strange. You can read it here. This is sort of a weird beast… a DS game based on a license enjoyed mostly (I think) by… Keep reading »

Get Lamp feature at Adventure Gamers

What do the words “documentary” and “text adventure” have in common? Before you say “They’re both boring,” check out my impressions of Get Lamp over at Adventure Gamers. It’s actually a very entertaining film if you’re a fan of the adventure game genre. (And let’s face it, if you’re reading this blog, there’s a 50%… Keep reading »

Adventure games on the iPhone (they do exist!)

About a year ago I jumped on the iOS bandwagon with an iPod Touch. I was immediately struck by how difficult the App Store is to navigate. You really have to know what you’re looking for—or to put your blind faith in the best-selling rankings that display more popular games higher up on the list.… Keep reading »

Puzzle Agent 2 previewed at Adventure Gamers

I’m not at E3, which is a relief to my feet and stomach and sanity, but I keep seeing all this exciting game news posted by people who are at E3 and wishing that I were there. I worked a couple of E3s doing Telltale’s PR but my fondest E3 memories are the two years… Keep reading »

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