I’m not at E3, which is a relief to my feet and stomach and sanity, but I keep seeing all this exciting game news posted by people who are at E3 and wishing that I were there. I worked a couple of E3s doing Telltale’s PR but my fondest E3 memories are the two years I went with Adventure Gamers—a three-day whirlwind of press appointments and new game announcements and candy bar lunches followed by a day at Disneyland. Ahh, memories.

I did, however, get a chance earlier this week to play Telltale’s latest, Puzzle Agent 2 — which they’re showing to press at this very moment at E3 — and Adventure Gamers has just posted my hands-on impressions. So it’s almost sorta not really like I was at E3, if only for a brief moment. Okay, really not really. But regardless of where I played it, Puzzle Agent 2 promises to be a fun sequel, and if you like this type of thing you should go read all about it.

I still wish I were spending tomorrow at Disneyland though.

While we’re on the subject of Puzzle Agent, I’ll take advantage of YouTube’s handy embed feature to slip in two other movies that are sorta kinda related. This first one, The Smartest Dog in the World, is one of Puzzle Agent creator Graham Annable’s Grickle shorts, which tend to carry you along on a wave of tantalizing curiosity until unexpectedly delivering a stomach punch that leaves you asking, “Wait, was that funny or terrible?” Watch it, you’ll see.

And this one is a clever recreation of Graham’s The Hidden People (the short that inspired Puzzle Agent), which won the grand prize in Telltale’s Halloween contest last year. The human actors get the job done, but I’m most impressed by the dog. He just rolls with it.