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Mansard Victorian – egg carton brick foundation

This is my inspiration house for the Mansard Victorian. It’s the Emanuel Kahn mansion in Salt Lake City, Utah (more pictures here). I realize I’m setting myself up for a lot of tedious work with a brick exterior. When I did the Victorianna’s brick foundation, it took so long that I swore I would never […]

Egg carton quoins

Now that I’ve added 1/2″ of depth to the front of the Mansard Victorian to accommodate the side addition (shown here and here), I need to finish the front edges of those pieces before starting on the inside of the house… which means I need to decide how the house will be finished. My original […]

Craftsman bungalow – starting the porch

The Craftsman bungalow vignette came with a 7″ x 3″ x 3/4″ block of wood to use as the porch. It also came with precut railing pieces, which I lay between the posts to see how they’re supposed to be spaced. Centering the porch on the door would look like this. This kit is a […]

Cassidy Creations Federal fireplace wall kit (part 2)

Continuing with the very complicated Cassidy Creations Federal fireplace wall kit, once the front facade and the back structure were completed, I moved on to the fireplace. The first step was to assemble three pieces to make the back of the fireplace. These pieces had mitered edges to meet up at an angle. The kit […]

Victorianna egg carton brick foundation

I started the Victorianna’s brick foundation way back in the summer of 2015, and this week I finally finished it! Like the chimney, the foundation is covered with pieces of egg carton cut into 1/8″ x 3/8″ bricks. I started on one side… …and worked my way around the front of the house, stopping at […]

Victorianna chimney with egg carton brick

When I first started planning how to do the Victorianna’s roof, I made a chimney piece out of leftover kit parts. I cut the kit’s chimney piece flat where it will meet the flat roof. I glued on a piece of 1:12 channel molding and a piece of scrap wood (a spacer from a furniture […]

Seaside Villa egg carton stone foundation

I planned to give the Seaside Villa a brick foundation. I bought this embossed brick paper back when I was going to paint the house Belgian Waffle. It would have looked good with that color scheme, but it’s too orange to go with the gray. I dug around in my stash to see what else […]

Miniature wishing well tutorial

A while ago I had my eye on this resin wishing well from Miniatures.com. At $28 it’s pretty pricey, but I thought it wouldn’t be too hard to make something like that and tucked the idea away. Now that I’m working on the Thatched Cottage, I decided to give it a try. Read on for […]

Queen Anne Rowhouse week two (and three)

Not much to look at yet, but I have been making slow, steady progress on the Queen Anne rowhouse. The first task was siding. Usually I have sloppy edges because I know they’ll be covered with trim. Since this house has panels that open, I tried really hard to keep the edges that will be […]

Queen Anne Rowhouse: the first week

After last weekend’s impulse buy, my eagerness to get started on the Queen Anne Rowhouse was thwarted by my lack of any actual plans for it. I placed some orders for doors and windows and got some books about San Francisco painted ladies from the library, but much of the week was spent thinking and […]

Little House cabin: A fire on the hearth

In the fourth Little House book, On the Banks of Plum Creek, a big deal is made of the fact that Pa buys Ma a cookstove and she won’t have to cook on an open fire anymore. In spite of this, in Little House in the Big Woods (the book I’m basing my Little House […]

Hillside Victorian deck (part 3)

The last time I worked on the Hillside Victorian’s deck, I wasn’t sure about the color I’d painted it. I also didn’t like how the flagstones ended abruptly at the stairs. I decided to continue the flagstones onto the stairway (like in the inspiration photo I found online) and to paint the deck another color. […]

Hillside Victorian deck (part 2)

After building the deck for the Hillside Victorian, I wasn’t sure how to finish it. I thought it should match the hot tub, but didn’t want too much brown to detract from the color scheme of the rest of the house (especially since there’s no brown or stained wood anywhere else). So, I turned to […]

Hillside Victorian deck (part 1)

After completing the Hillside Victorian’s hot tub, I turned my attention to the deck. I’m using an old kit from Betty’s Wooden Miniatures. The dollhouse store had it marked down from $50 to $30 because they weren’t sure if all the pieces were there. Since I was planning to bash the hot tub into the […]

Egg carton stone foundation

After seeing some gorgeous results in other people’s galleries, I decided to try making a stone foundation for the Hillside Victorian out of egg cartons. It turned out to be surprisingly easy, and the price is right! I started by painting the foundation gray, using a flat Behr paint I picked up off the “oops” […]

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