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Little House Cabin landscaping

Ever since I finished my Little House in the Big Woods cabin a few years ago, I always intended to add a base with landscaping. I wanted to make a wooded scene with outbuildings and a vegetable garden and cows and horses and a chicken coop and a covered wagon and other details from the […]

The Ingalls family at home

Back in October, I ordered a custom set of Ingalls family dolls from Prairie Crocus Studio on Etsy. These are for my half scale Little House in the Big Woods cabin, and the family came with beautifully detailed Ma, Pa, Laura, and Mary dolls… no Carrie, but I figured a half scale baby would be […]

The Ingalls family in half scale

Ever since completing my half scale Little House in the Big Woods cabin, I’ve been looking around for some dolls to put inside. Normally I’m not a doll person, but this house is modeled after the (fictional) Ingalls’ family’s house and I wanted a (fictional) Ingalls family to put inside. Since my cabin is 1:24 […]

Little House cabin – final touches

I last worked on the Little House cabin back in November, and that’s when I started writing this blog post. But I thought “finishing” the house was imminent, so I wanted to wait until I had some more pictures, and seven months went by. Oops. Anyway, the house might not be 100% finished, but yesterday […]

Cabin furnishings: Shaker beds and Boston rocker

I’ve started furnishing the Little House cabin. I’ve collected several Cassidy Creations kits for this house and am also planning to scratch build some of the furniture. I started with the “big bed” and trundle bed. Little House in the Big Woods has a couple of illustrations that part of the big bed’s headboard, but […]

Little House Cabin – shingles

Shingling was the last big job to do on the cabin. When I glued the skinny sticks to the inside of the roof, something got off kilter so the roof wouldn’t glue on straight. Oops. The porch roof is supposed to attach to the front of the roof at a 45-degree angle. I glued a […]

Little House cabin – almost done!

In my last blog, I pointed out that the half-round logs that came with the log cabin kit make the corners look kind of silly. My dad suggested cutting pieces to glue to the flat edges, to make a “full” log. It was a bit tricky dealing with such little pieces, but I managed and […]

“Log by log, they built the walls higher…”

With the first floor interior of my Little House cabin finished, I moved onto the exterior. The Sugar and Spice kit came with a bundle of “half timber” logs that sit flush against the side of the house. They have to be cut to size. Initially I made the mistake of cutting almost all of […]

Little House cabin: A fire on the hearth

In the fourth Little House book, On the Banks of Plum Creek, a big deal is made of the fact that Pa buys Ma a cookstove and she won’t have to cook on an open fire anymore. In spite of this, in Little House in the Big Woods (the book I’m basing my Little House […]

Little House in the Big Woods cabin, day 2

So far, work on the Little House cabin has involved a lot of staining, then waiting for the stain to dry. On Sunday I started by staining the remaining house pieces. This might not have been necessary since I’m planning to cover everything with shingles or siding outside and skinny stick “logs” inside, but I […]

Little House in the Big Woods cabin, in half scale

The Hillside Victorian dollhouse is coming along nicely, but after six months I’m ready to work on something else—something smaller. (It’s probably got something to do with the fact that the next step on the Hillside Victorian is to paint a zillion windows… not my favorite task!) I have several half scale kits laying in […]

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