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McKinley – the bedroom

I ran into a problem wallpapering the bedroom. First time around, there was a bubble and when I tried to fix it I ruined the paper along the back wall. Then I couldn’t get additional sheets of paper and had to wait to order more. They’ve been discontinued so getting them was not easy. THEN […]

McKinley – the living room

One of the neat things about redoing a house that is already assembled is that I can get to the decorating much sooner. I have been planning out the rooms and where the furniture will go as I’m also working on wallpaper, electricity, and the exterior of the house. Here’s what I have in the […]

McKinley – the kitchen

I just looked at the dates on the last McKinley pictures I uploaded to the site… it’s been over six months! I have not been working on it much. But the rooms have been coming together, slowly but surely, and the electricity is done. Also, the kitchen cabinets are mostly assembled. I decided to leave […]

McKinley – mosaic table

I had been intending to buy some kind of pedestal table for the McKinley’s kitchen, but recently came up with an idea to make my own. I paid a few dollars at Goodwill for a butterfly windchime from Pier 1 (still in the box). It had a round, flat glass top and seven glass butterflies […]

McKinley – playing with furnishings

One of the things I decided to do with the McKinley is to make as many of the furnishings as possible. I felt if the house is going to be displayed (on the wall, as intended, or more realistically on a shelf because we have flimsy plaster walls), it makes sense that it should be […]

McKinley – adding lights

The next step after taking down the wallpaper was to wire the house for electricity. In the Orchid, I put tapewire on the floors above where I wanted lights, and attached the wires through tiny holes. This worked well so I decided to do the same in the McKinley. Since the back of this house […]

McKinley – removing wallpaper and trim

On Memorial Day weekend, I spent a lot of time crouched on the floor by the McKinley, pulling down wallpaper and trim. Good thing I have long fingernails! Some of the trim came off in tact and some broke into a thousand pieces. I can get replacement trim from Greenleaf but I may first try […]

McKinley – the “before” shots

This was a TOTALLY unplanned purchase. I had been going along my merry way on the Fairfield, having a great time working in half scale, planning out all the other half scale houses I’d build next. I went so far as to buy back issues of Nutshell News that contained half scale house and furniture […]

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