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McKinley – the living room

One of the neat things about redoing a house that is already assembled is that I can get to the decorating much sooner. I have been planning out the rooms and where the furniture will go as I’m also working on wallpaper, electricity, and the exterior of the house. Here’s what I have in the living room so far.

The Michael’s hutch in the corner is only a placeholder. I am going to build a Chrysnbon cabinet into the wall so it looks like the built-ins you find in many San Francisco apartments and houses.

I cross-stitched the pillows, and am right now cross-stitching an oriental rug to go under the coffee table (not the one in this picture).

I was going to build a window seat into the bay window but now I’m thinking it might be a good space for a computer.

Here’s a closeup of the pillows I made. The desgins came out of Pamela Warner’s Miniature Embroidery for the 20th Century Dolls’ House.

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  1. Great cushions! I love miniature needlework. Also really like the lounge and chair, they are modern and understated but elegant.

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