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Things I found while packing

So, I moved. From start to finish, it happened pretty fast, but it didn’t feel that way when we were carting carloads of stuff from the old house to the new house — including 20+ dollhouses! Here’s Rosy, a bit out of sorts, sharing the back seat of my car with several dollhouses during the […]

Victorianna – rough chimney and skylights

Gorgeous weather today, and Rosy was very happy to lie in the dirt while I worked on the Victorianna. Having assembled the towers, I moved on to the small peaked roof. Normally the Victorianna’s top floor has two triangular sections, with the roof dipping down to floor level in between them. I added a piece […]

Two-headed monster

This year for Halloween, Rosy is a friendly monster. The eyes and horns are supposed to go up over her head like a hood but she isn’t having any of that. So, she’s a two-headed monster. This will be our first year not attending the Marin Humane Society’s Halloween party (in fact, I’m not sure […]

Inmate 103114

Paying homage to her early days at San Quentin, Rosy dressed up as a jailbird — err, jail-greyhuahua — this year for Halloween. Posing for her mug shot at the Humane Society’s annual Howl-o-ween party. She ain’t afraid of no ghosts. This was Rosy’s fifth year attending the party, and “bobbing for bones” remains the […]

Rosy vs. the tomato

It’s been a while since I posted a too long, questionably entertaining video of my dog doing something inane. Without further ado, I present: ROSY EATS A CHERRY TOMATO!! (The tomato was ripe. It’s a “green grape” variety.) Music credit: “Run Amok” by Kevin MacLeod (incometech.com).

Rosy’s tongue, the ongoing saga

WARNING: My last post about Rosy’s tongue was kind of cute. Today’s is kind of gross. Just putting that out there. So on November 4, I took Rosy to the vet for her annual check-up. While there, she panicked (as she usually does) and started panting heavily, which led the vet to notice some cuts […]

Tongue of the dog

Last week Rosy went to the vet for her annual check-up. As usual, she had a mild panic attack at the vet’s office, which resulted in heavy panting, and because her mouth was wide open the vet noticed a couple of cuts that suggested she’d bitten her tongue at some point. The doctor asked me […]

The Easter chick

Rosy’s Grammy sent a chick toy for Easter. It has metal contacts on the bottom and when you touch both contacts with your finger — or, say, your tongue — it chirps. Not an actual dog toy, but those are always the most fun. Initially, she was somewhat suspicious. But in time she realized that […]

Rosy vs. the Kong (It weebles! It wobbles!)

Rosy’s Grammy pointed out that it’s been a long time since Rosy made an appearance on the blog. That’s because 1) I figure no one else *really* finds her quite as cute and infinitely amusing as I do, and 2) I’ve been a lazy bum. But today we’re rectifying that with an epic (albeit grainy) […]

Flight of the bumblebee

According to Time Magazine, Americans spent an estimated $370 million on pet costumes this Halloween. I am part of the problem. Note to self: flat hats and round heads don’t mix. Like last year’s pumpkin, the costume came from Old Navy. It’s a size small with a few modifications to the velcro and the hat. […]

My dog, the superstar

A brief video taken on graduation day of Small Dogs Wanna Have Fun, a 6-week class Rosy recently attended at the Marin Humane Society. (Warning: I suggest muting the sound. My “you can do it!” voice is embarrassingly squeaky.) This class, which we also took about a year ago, is basically an excuse for a […]

An Italian Greyhuahua no more?

Rosy: “What am I, Mr. Duck? Will we ever really know?”Duck: “Not bloody likely, kid.” For Christmas, Rosy bought me and Geoff a Wisdom Panel Insights DNA test… using my credit card. It cost $65 and involved swabbing her cheek to get a sample (she loved that part), sending the sample off to a lab, […]

Bobbing for Bones: The Sequel

I mainly made this video for Rosy’s grandparents, but after spending an hour getting the music* to sync up I felt like it deserved a wider audience. Hey, we’ll let her think she’s a star. At last year’s Halloween party, the treats floated in the bowl. This year, not so much. The amazing thing is […]

It’s not easy being a Greyhuahua…

I’ve had this green(ish) chair for more than ten years. It’s seen better days. As such, it’s the only piece of furniture Rosy’s allowed on, and usually only when she’s invited up to sit with me. But today she was sleeping when I got up, looking much too cute to be disturbed… It sure was […]

Greyhuahua in motion

Rosy, who we think is a greyhuahua (chihuahua plus Italian greyhound), is taking an Agility for Fun class at the Marin Humane Society. Geoff brought the camera to last week’s class to try to get some pictures of our little athlete in motion. Lesson learned: with your average off-the-shelf camera, it’s hard to get a […]

Infinite possibilities, indeed!

I’ve been limping along on the Infinite Possibilities Porch… mostly because the color choices are driving me crazy. I initially wanted a periwinkle blue house with some kind of peachy trim and a reddish door. Glidden’s color coding led me to believe that all of these colors would work well together. But alas, it was […]

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