My dog, the superstar

A brief video taken on graduation day of Small Dogs Wanna Have Fun, a 6-week class Rosy recently attended at the Marin Humane Society.

(Warning: I suggest muting the sound. My “you can do it!” voice is embarrassingly squeaky.)

This class, which we also took about a year ago, is basically an excuse for a bunch of small dogs to play on equipment and learn parlor tricks. But it’s also a great confidence builder, especially for dogs like mine who 1) are smaller than almost every other dog she meets, and 2) is afraid of almost every dog, small child, tall grown-up, and inanimate object she meets.

Of course, after last summer’s agility classes, Rosy the wonder greyhuahua chihuahua / English Springer Spaniel mix is an old pro on the equipment. She really doesn’t like things that wobble under her feet, though… which is why the video starts with her putting just one paw on that blue bobbly thing rather than balancing with all four (which about half of the dogs in the class were willing to do). Eh, we can’t all be superstars all the time.


  1. John Morganti

    Good job Rosy. Who is commenting in the background about Rosy’s stint in the Big House and her broken leg?

  2. Emily

    That was the teacher, who is also involved in the San Quentin program (and remains one of Rosy’s favorite people at the Humane Society…)

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