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Orchid – exterior

I’ve finally started on the landscaping. Geoff cut a board for me and I lined it with Noch grass that I bought from HBS. Next I’ll be adding bushes, flowers, and trees… oh, the possibilities! The yard. I might put a tree back here. Close-up of the birdbath my mom made me for Christmas.

Orchid – kitchen

In early 2003 I bought a bunch of Shenendoah kits (now owned by Houseworks) in order to make a kitchen island like one I saw in a 1997 issue of Dollhouse Miniatures. After almost a year of cluttering up my own kitchen in varying stages of put-togetherness, they have finally been finished! Here they are, […]

Orchid – living room & laundry

The living room, like the rest of the house, originally had white walls. But after a few months I decided I wanted to jazz it up a little bit. I wanted a modern look and couldn’t find any wallpaper I liked, so I started looking at scrapbooking paper. I finally found this green paper I […]

Orchid – bedroom & bathroom

The bedroom was the first room I decorated when I finished the house, and nothing’s really changed since then. I am planning to put some trim up on the seams of the wall joints. I’m also going to make a Chrysnbon rocking chair for this room. Lo and behold, the bathroom has been papered! After […]

Orchid – September update

The semi-finished house, in its new home on a shelf in my kitchen: Now that I brought the house home, I’m having a lot of fun with the decorating… The first thing I did was finish the bed. I made the mattress, bedspread, and pilows. The pillow with the pattern was a Janet Granger kit. […]

Orchid – August update

Geoff was over with his digital camera so I had him take a few pictures of the conservatory. The cabinets and appliances are mostly assembled. An eating surface will be built into the island, where the chairs are. Update, August 25: Finally, the dormer has been attached! With a ton of glue and a bit […]

Orchid – July update

My orders from Dollshouse.com and HBS arrived. I ordered some furniture, as well as the lights. So, the time had come to tackle the electricity. I’m glad Geoff was there… he knew exactly what he was doing! Looks simple, huh? Near the stair hole, it’s attached to the piece of tapewire that’s running under the […]

Orchid – June update

I did some work this month (not much), but was rather lazy about keeping track. The good news is, the end is truly in sight. Anyway, here’s a summary. Stairs: Painted the underside white, polyurethaned the stairs and banister pieces, then attempted to read the assembly directions. I have to say, I was really disappointed […]

Orchid – May update

So, it became painfully clear that the stairs that came with my Orchid kit just weren’t going to cut it. I tried to make them work. I sanded the pieces so they’d look nice. And once I sanded them they wouldn’t fit together properly. The solution? I bought these. And they look a thousand times […]

Orchid – April update

I got a lot of work done on the kitchen cabinets last week. Pictures to come soon, I hope. I also bought a clawfoot bathtub to replace the triangular one I decided wouldn’t work. It has a neat little silver plug on a chain. It was marked down $10 because the plug was disconnected from […]

Orchid – March update

I finally put the house and conservatory together to see how they’d look. I’m pretty happy! Sure, they’re two completely different styles, but this is the case for a lot of older houses that get additions… right? (Humor me!) Turns out the conservatory barely clears the overhang of the house roof. I’m painting the outside […]

Orchid – February update

I am ready to lay the hardwood floors on the first floor of the house. (The second floor has to wait until after the wiring is done and the built-in bed is constructed to cover those ugly brackets…) I painted the flooring with two coats of varnish stuff (not exactly sure what it is, Geoff […]

Orchid – January update

I realized that I messed something up. (Big surprise there!) To achieve this “double hung” window effect, each double window gets trim on one opening, and the other opening is supposed to be painted to look like the trim. Well, my white posterboard around the top of the inside windows doesn’t look anything like the […]

Orchid – December update

I’ve been painting window casings. The outside casings are red, and I’ve decided to do the inside ones blue… the same blue as the exterior of the house. There’s a method to this madness. The French doors that will lead into the conservatory addition will be blue, because the conservatory itself is blue. It would […]

Orchid – November update

No pictures today, but a quick update. Over the weekend I spent some time with Geoff at the hangar. It was the first trip in a month because he’s been working weekends. I put wood filler in the “cracks” of the windows on the sides of the house that I’m not punching out. I got […]

Orchid – October update

Geoff’s been busy building an airplane (really!), so I got inspired to start working on the unassembled dollhouse that had been sitting around for years. He set up a card table for me in a corner of his hangar. Then I saw how much fun he had putting his airplane progress up on the web […]

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