I finally put the house and conservatory together to see how they’d look. I’m pretty happy! Sure, they’re two completely different styles, but this is the case for a lot of older houses that get additions… right? (Humor me!)

Turns out the conservatory barely clears the overhang of the house roof. I’m painting the outside of the conservatory base green so it’ll blend in with the grass later on.

The back view… which is the view that will be on display most of the time. I will probably not attach the conservatory to the house permanently, but they will both sit on a base with landscaping.

I have decided not to add a French door leading from the house to the conservatory. The roof of the conservatory would have needed to be a little higher, since it just grazes the top of the doorway… but if the conservatory were any higher, it would bang into the roof of the house. It’ll be less cramped without a door, anyway. If I ever decide I want to display the two pieces separately, I can add the French door later.

As you can see in the pictures, I painted around the outside of the roof. This was in anticipation of using the shingles that came with the kit. Like so much in this kit, the shingles are really crappy quality. I’ve decided to just paint the whole roof gray and see how that looks. If I don’t like it, I will buy some higher quality shingles.

I also glued in the hardwood flooring and room divider on the first floor.

Next I got out my closet kit and Geoff helped me cut the pieces to size. It will ultimately be painted white. Haven’t decided yet if it should have blue trim like the other doors and windows.

I finally ordered the washer and dryer I have been wanting forever. They will sit opposite this closet, under the stairs. I measured and there will be about 2 inches space between them… which is tight, but manageable. (The house is 1:12 scale, meaning one inch in the dollhouse equals 12 inches in real life. I measured the space in front of Geoff’s actual washing machine and it’s two feet, five inches.) I will wait to glue in the closet until after I get the washer and dryer in the mail… if it looks too tight, I may sand the closet walls so the closet is not as deep.

Update, March 20: Did some painting over the weekend. Geoff took my picture. You can also see the washer and dryer I bought. I will have to sand down the closet walls after all, or that space will be too cramped (the closet will be on the wall opposite the washer and dryer).

I am replacing the porch posts with Houseworks posts because I didn’t like the crappy plywood ones that came in the kit. I will also replace the railing and spindles, but haven’t bought them yet. I also have to buy some more gray paint for the roof.

Porch pieces. The posts still need to be cut to size.

The roof pieces for the dormer and gable.

Still working on the kitchen cabinets at home. I have also been thinking about how the bathroom will look. At Dollhouses, Trains, and More, I got a sheet of green octagonal tiles for the bathroom floor. It was one of those things were I saw it, and didn’t get it, and then wished I had, and then went back and couldn’t find it, and went back a week later and found it because it had been shoved way back on a shelf. (I’m so glad that place is easy to get to from Geoff’s house!)

I also bought a “contemporary” bathroom set. It’s contemporary because the bathtub is shaped like a triangle. Of course, as soon as I got it back to the house, I decided the triangular tub was a bad idea. I thought I’d have enough room for a separate shower, but don’t. So I am going to hold onto the triangle tub for my NEXT house, and get another one that can go across the back wall of the bathroom. Stay tuned.

One more painting pic. In the background you can see the fuselage of Geoff’s plane.