Rosy vs. the Kong (It weebles! It wobbles!)

Rosy’s Grammy pointed out that it’s been a long time since Rosy made an appearance on the blog. That’s because 1) I figure no one else *really* finds her quite as cute and infinitely amusing as I do, and 2) I’ve been a lazy bum. But today we’re rectifying that with an epic (albeit grainy) video. Introducing… the Kong Wobbler!

This is possibly the best toy ever. It’s shaped like a regular Kong, but bigger, and instead of rubber it’s made from hard plastic. It’s weighted down at the bottom like a Weeble Wobble. You fill it up with food and the dog knocks it around to try to get the food to fall out of the little hole.

Ready…? Fight!

(If you make it all the way to the end, 2:18 is a burp. That’s some good kibble.)

Music credit goes to Jared Emerson-Johnson for “TKO” from the Sam & Max Season Two soundtrack. Cuteness credit goes to Rosy, the wonder greyhuahua.*

*But not really.


  1. Grammy

    Wonder if she’ll recognize it next time you put it out.

    • Emily

      Oh, she knows exactly what it is! The first time she ever saw one was last winter at the humane society, and took a few minutes to figure it out. A few months ago she got to play with it again at the humane society and got it right away — a year later! That’s when I knew we had to invest in one of our very own…

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