Oops… what happened to August?

This morning Adventure Gamers published my review of Strangerous, a Nintendo DS game based on one of my favorite namesakes tee shirt celebrities, Emily the Strange. You can read it here.

This is sort of a weird beast… a DS game based on a license enjoyed mostly (I think) by girls and young women with a particular sense of humor. The DS almost seems passe for a game like this. I would have expected it to turn up on the iPhone. It did give me an excuse to turn on my DS for the first time in a very long time, though, and I liked seeing Emily in motion even if the game itself was basically a Professor Layton knock-off. It’s probably best suited to younger Emily fans who haven’t played many puzzle games before, since most of the puzzles are very easy and very familiar. As of right now it’s only out in the UK; a US release is reportedly coming later this year.

Now that I have dusted off my DS (it seems so clunky compared to my iPod Touch), maybe I should finally play that Last Window import I bought earlier this summer…