Grace: “I feel like there’s something else out there, waiting for us. Do you think we’ll ever find it?”
Gabriel: “Never know, Gracie. One of these days we just might.”

Two things. One: the Gabriel Knight behind-the-scenes article I wrote for Games™ last year has just been posted on their website. This is a retrospective that delves into the development of the Gabriel Knight trilogy, developed at Sierra On-Line in the 1990s, that I wrote back when the thought of ever seeing a new Gabriel Knight game was nothing but a ridiculous pipe dream. Go read it.

Two: After several years making casual games, Jane Jensen, creator of Gabriel Knight (and, more recently, Gray Matter) has gone rogue, launching her own studio with the plan to return to GK-style adventure games. She hopes to ramp up to making two or three new games a year. I’m sorry, could somebody pinch me? What with Telltale’s Sam & Max revival, then Tales of Monkey Island, then Tim Schafer’s insanely successful Kickstarter campaign, I feel like LucasArts fans have had all the breaks. Well, not anymore. At 73% funding with 26 days to go, Jane’s well on her way to bringing us a brand new adventure game by this time next year… maybe two, if all goes well. You can learn all about it here.

A new Gabriel Knight game is still a pipe dream for now, but a somewhat less ridiculous one since I wrote that Games™ article a year ago. Activision, who owns the old Sierra properties, has already shown interest in reviving King’s Quest. And Jane’s confident that starting Pinkerton Road Studio is a step in the right direction for someday making a new Gabriel Knight. (And hey, if that’s what Jane Jensen thinks, who are you to argue? Go give her money already!)

Okay, I lied when I said “two things.” Here’s one more: the Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers theme song performed by a live orchestra. It’s surprisingly moving.

Full disclosure: I helped Jane with PR for the Pinkerton Road announcement. But I’m also one of her biggest fans in the world, and I would be pimping this project no matter what!