Found on an even older floppy disk…

May 14, 1994
Dear Sierra,

I have a question. When is Police Quest 4 going to be out for the Mac? I’ve been waiting since January, and finally last week I saw it advertised in the Mac Warehouse catalogue. When I called them to order it, they said it wasn’t in yet and was expected in mid to late April. This was very frustrating because it is already May. I’ve gone to a few other stores and they have all said it has been cancelled. When will it be available? Can I order it from you, or will it be in stores soon? Please write back to me as soon as you can. I’m very excited to play it.

Also, are you going to have games for the Mac CD-ROM anytime soon? I’ve played one of your CD-ROM products on a friend’s IBM, and I can’t wait to use them on my own computer.

Wow. I was kind of a crazy teenaged fangirl back then. Thank god the internet didn’t really exist yet or I might have made a fool out of myself.

(Dear Ken and Roberta Williams, I apologize for driving your staff nuts.)