On the suggestion of my friend Pam Junk, I decided to add fishscale shingles to make the house a little more interesting. (They’ll also cover up some defects in the less-than-perfect paint job…) Rather than use the Houseworks wooden shingles, which come as individual pieces, I am cutting strips from posterboard. These will be glued onto the bottoms of the bay windows and the top of the pointy walls.

After the paint dries, I’ll glue these strips on over the siding.

I started with shingles on the bay windows, since those would be easier than the ones on the tops of the walls (they’ll go under the eaves of the roof). I will have to cut out a lot more paper strips before I’ll be ready to do those!


Update May 2009: Finally got the rest of my fishscale shingles up! (Plus window trim!)

A how-to article with instructions and templates for making these fishscale shingles appears in the February 2010 issue of Miniature Collector.