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I’ve been fiddling with my website the past few weeks, so apologies if you tried to visit during that time and things were messed up. Everything should be working now. If you notice something wonky, please let me know!

Quick rundown of the changes:

  • I moved to a new theme named Hemingway. My favorite thing about it is the rotating header image. Keep hitting refresh, it’s fun!
  • Previously, only my blog was hosted by WordPress and the rest of the pages were sad relics of my hand-coded website from the early 2000s. The whole site is now on WordPress and the old URLs should redirect to the new ones.
  • There’s a pretty dollhouse landing page with links to blog posts and galleries. Only some of them have galleries so far, and most those are linking off site to my galleries on the Greenleaf forum. My plan is to put together galleries for most of the houses and have them live here. That’ll take a little time to complete, but I’ve started with the Gull Bay Cottage.
  • Pre-2009 dollhouse projects are now part of the blog, including the McKinley, the Orchid, the early Fairfield entries, and the Tomy Smaller Homes dollhouse. This content already existed on my website but it’s hopefully easier to navigate now.
  • My blogs for two 2005 Greenleaf community projects, the Arthur and the Westville, are now on my site as well. This content was previously only posted on the Greenleaf forum.


  1. WarpSpeed

    Try scrolling down slowly. That header image scrolls at a different speed than the rest of the page, as “The Den of Slack” title turns transparent. That’s so cool!

  2. Emily

    I know, I love that too. :)

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