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Tomy Smaller Homes living room

Continuing with the Tomy dollhouse renovation, the first room I put back together was the living room, starting with the wrinkled wallpaper. Third time’s a charm? First I removed the offending wallpaper. The glue had dried by this point but I got the remnants off with Goo Gone and a razor blade, like before. The […]

Tomy Smaller Homes – adding curb appeal

When Geoff and I cleaned up the base of the Tomy dollhouse, we pulled up the grass. I didn’t want to but it was getting ratty, and he wanted to hose off the whole base after scraping off all the old flooring paper, so the grass had to go. Just like sprucing up a real […]

Tomy Smaller Homes renovation

Last summer I discovered a mouse had been squatting in my Tomy Smaller Homes dollhouse. I didn’t catch it in action (thankfully!), but my first clue was the chewed-up rug. Then I noticed this suspicious stain. Mouse pee? It seems too symmetrical for that, but this is right against a seam where two carpet pieces […]

Tomy Smaller Homes Dollhouse

The Tomy Smaller Homes dollhouse (also known as “Smaller Home and Garden”) is a split-level ranch that looks a lot like the Brady Bunch house from the outside, with a distinctive 1970s style to it. I never had one of these as a kid and don’t remember any of friends having one, either. In fact, […]

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