Firescreen mystery solved!

I guess I didn’t do good job of sleuthing before my last post, because the firescreen mystery has already been solved thanks to a few reader tips and Google. Here’s one in the background of a photo of a Ginger Wyatt vase from eBay (from Pinterest):

Interesting coincidence, but it doesn’t prove that Ginger Wyatt made the firescreen, and the eBay auction this came from is long gone.

But guess what turns up with a search for “Kummerow fire screen”?

From the Pinterest description:

Lew and Barbara Kummerow – “stained glass” firescreen, prairie/craftsman style in colors of green, pink, yellow and white. metal frame. sold on ebay for $91.13.

This one isn’t mine — I can tell because it has a pink panel on the right, and on mine that panel was in the center (also it was orange, not pink). The legs are also a different style. It’s possible the one from the first photo is the one I ended up acquiring, but now that I know there were several of these floating around, I suspect not.

Still, I destroyed a Lew and Barbara Kummerow firescreen that could have sold for ninety-one dollars. (ARGGGHHH!!)

On the bright side, I’m confident I didn’t pay more than a few dollars for it. Whoever sold it to me must not have known its origins either. If I had known what it was, I would have kept it intact and used it in one of my 1:12 Guys from Texas roomboxes instead.

Now that I know it was an artisan piece (before I destroyed it), I want to figure out a better paint to use than the Gallery Glass, so I can try to touch up those bare spots. Even though the panels are glued in now, I think I could carefully reach into the house to do it.

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  1. Carrie

    You might want to try the Pebeo brand of paint. It has different formulations for varying applications.
    You can find it on Amazon and Dick Blick. Ester Maker uses it on her 3d printed lamps.
    Don’t beat yourself up on the firescreen. Sh@t happens!

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