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The crazy dance

Rosy does this thing Geoff and I call “the crazy dance.” It usually happens on a big patch of grass—more often than not, one of the nicely manicured lawns that we pass on our walk. It starts all of a sudden. She could be sniffing or just walking along, when BOOM! She runs one way! Then she runs the other way! Her eyes bulge out of her head! She pauses to catch her breath, daring us to join in. Then she’s off again, tearing around in circles, having the best time a greyhuahua knows how to have.

Last week at the beach, I caught the crazy dance on video. (To the extent that I could, anyway.)

And yes, that music WAS playing in the background at the time. Amazing.


  1. What are you feeding that poor thing??
    Geoff no more Tex-Mex!

  2. LOL yep, dogs do the crazy dance to vent pent up energy..they ‘dance’ for the sheer joy of being in the moment.

    I used to have a doberman who would knock me down, doing that crazy dance. He’d get rolling and before I could get out of the way, I was flat on my back, on the ground. OUCH that hurt! But he was sure having fun.

  3. My dog does that too — actually looks a bit like Rosy.

    She does laps around the house — from the den to the living room and back, sometimes with a path taking her off the back cushions of the futon. Good fun to watch.

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