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Screened-in back porch vignette

I recently bought a 1920s Back Porch Kit from a miniaturist who was clearing out her stash. This kit was made by Daffodil Miniatures & Gifts in Salt Lake City. I don’t think the company is around anymore, and the instructions don’t have a year on them so I don’t know how old this kit […]

Half scale windchime tutorial

Another year, another swap with the Half Scale Yahoo Group. This year’s theme was “On the Porch” and I made windchimes. The swap had nearly 40 participants this year and I made the windchimes in an assembly line over Christmas while watching the Double Fine Adventure documentary. My eyes were crossing by the end! If […]

Twilight porch vignette in half scale

I recently added email alerts to the blog. If you want to get a brief, non-spammy email when I post a new blog, please sign up on the right sidebar. Years ago, I started a half scale porch vignette and never finished it. In the interest of finishing up some smaller projects before I dig […]

Infinite possibilities, indeed!

I’ve been limping along on the Infinite Possibilities Porch… mostly because the color choices are driving me crazy. I initially wanted a periwinkle blue house with some kind of peachy trim and a reddish door. Glidden’s color coding led me to believe that all of these colors would work well together. But alas, it was […]

Infinite Possibilities Porch in half scale

Yep, that’s really what this kit is called. I’m not sure a porch can truly have infinite possibilities, especially when it’s made out of MDF, which as I’m discovering is infinitely (heh) more difficult to bash than a plywood kit. But I’m getting ahead of myself… Miniatures.com’s photo of the finished project. I had a […]

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