Puzzle house — playing around in the yard

Yesterday I received my recent order from The Vintage Dollhouse, a shop in Houston that’s (unfortunately) closing out their half scale merchandise. One of the items I ordered was the metal mailbox in the picture below. I wasn’t sure if it would look weird to have the mailbox inside of the fence, but now that I tried it out, I think it’s okay. I’m planning to paint it this weekend (plus I also have to finish painting the picket fence).

Thinking the porch was a little too tall for half scale people to leap onto, I added a front step.

Here are two possible options for a path. If I use the bricks I’ll paint them a lighter color. Still thinking about it… I’m not really in love with either of these. (Then again, I wasn’t in love with the picket fence and arbor at first, either, and they’re growing on me!)

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  1. Krista

    I just love it!

    Imo, the stone path is my favourite, very charming and a bit different too.

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