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Eye on iPhone feature at Adventure Gamers

I recently caught up with the 21st century by acquiring one of those sleek little “connected devices” everyone seems to be carrying around these days. The device in question is an iPod Touch, and my main motivation for choosing it over a regular iPod was so I could play games on it.

Once I got the hang of the deceptively simple interface and finally figured out how to navigate around the App Store, I was thoroughly overwhelmed by the volume of choices and lack of a helpful user interface. It seems like to find anything, you have to know ahead of time exactly what you’re looking for… which is sort of a problem if you don’t know ahead of time what you’re looking for!

And so, the idea for a series of articles about iPhone adventure games was born. (In other words, I hunt them down so you don’t have to!) The first installment was posted today at Adventure Gamers. Go read it, then spend the weekend playing games. It’s good for the soul.


  1. Hey, awesome! You’ve probably come across it already, but there’s this iPhone adventure game called “Hector: Badge of Carnage” that looks completely awesome, to the point where I almost want to buy a fancy iPod just to play it. Almost.

  2. avatar

    November 19, 2010 at 5:28 pm

    I know about it, but haven’t checked it out yet! (Actually the existence of that game was one reason I jumped on the bandwagon — not so much because I desperately needed to play that one game, but because I hated the idea of neat adventures coming out that I’d never be able to play. And then I had the opportunity to trade in all these extra airline miles for an iTouch…)

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