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Santa’s Little Helper

I’ve been told that Rosy looks like Santa’s Little Helper from the Simpsons. In light of this, the elf costume was more or less a necessity. (The portrait with Santa, on the other hand, was pure indulgence.)

As far as we’re concerned, this will be Rosy’s first real Christmas. Last year she was at the Humane Society during the holidays and, since she doesn’t speak English, the year before that is a big question mark. (And the year before that, she probably wasn’t born yet.) So far she’s been respectful of the tree and hasn’t attempted to unwrap any presents. Of course, that may be because she knows Santa is watching…

(Yes, I’ve bought a few Christmas presents for the dog. Is that so wrong?)

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  1. The problem is the presents from both grandmas. Now we’re in trouble !!!

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