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Seattle spuds

Spotted in the window at Barney’s in downtown Seattle:

Sorry for the quality. I blame my cell phone.

I don’t get it. What does Mr. Potato Head have to do with upscale clothing? And why must there be SO MANY of him?! Think of all the starving children who could be eating playing with those potatoes! (And the poor overworked intern who had to set them up!)

And why is it that they all look exactly the same? Isn’t the whole point of Mr. Potato Head to play around with his eyes and nose and hat? Why couldn’t one of them—just one—have lipstick lips or a mustache? Is that really too much to ask?

If you ask me, this social marketing thing is getting out of hand.

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  1. Perhaps it was meant as a sardonic, postmodern representation of the uniformity that characterizes modern fashion. No longer does one buy clothes from a designer because one can appreciate the art and style of that designer, but because of the designer’s name recognition and expense. One buys the most expensive clothes that one can afford, so that brands have become uniforms that signify the wearer’s socio-economic status. Or the head of Hasbro’s marketing department finally gave into his wife and let her idiot nephew run a campaign on his own, either way I liked My Little Ponies better.

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