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Walk-in closet with clothes

Want to make your own clothes with hangers? Scroll to the bottom of the post for a tutorial!

I have always loved the idea of closets in dollhouses. Usually mini closets are bump-outs, like the Timberbrook closet kit I used way back when in my Orchid. But adding the laundry closet to the Victorianna’s bathroom gave me an opportunity to build a real, walk-in closet in the bedroom on the other side of the wall.

I forgot to take an establishing shot before I started on this project, but here’s what the room looked like before I added hardwoods and started wallpapering.

I made a clothing rod out of two Northeastern Scale Lumber brackets and a dowel. I got this idea from Greenleaf forum member LadyGunn who made 1:12 curtain rods this way.

Initially, the dowel was very tight in the holes. I actually snapped two brackets in half trying to cram them in. (Good thing these come in packs of four!) It loosened up as I was playing with it, but I still decided not to paint the rod, just so added paint thickness wouldn’t interfere with assembly.

I made a shelf to go on top of the rod. The hanger and overalls are a Mark Richards 3D sticker that I stumbled upon at Tuesday Morning. They only had one packet, which included four dainty hangers made out of wire. I looked online and tried another local Tuesday Morning but couldn’t find any more of these.

The closet door is a Houseworks door, positioned with the trim on the inside. I added basswood to the outer edges so it fits snugly in the opening. I’ll add a piece at the top to close in the closet, and then add wallpaper and casing around the edge of the door. But it’ll be next to impossible to rearrange things in the closet once it’s all glued in, so I have to do everything I need to inside before finishing the outside.

And that means making some clothes! I agonized over how to do this. I wanted a realistic looking closet for the tween girl whose room this is, but sewing is not my forte. Then last week someone asked about making clothes on the Yahoo half scale group and Carol Jones posted about making dresses out of printouts from the web. And I thought, hey, I can manage that!

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Victorianna – little girl’s room #1

My back-to-back Victorianna will have three bedrooms besides the master, decorated for girls of various ages. The first one I’m working on is the front bedroom on the second floor – it’s on the mirror image side of the house, where the stairs would normally come up. The little girl who lives here is around four years old, with lots of toys!

I started by picking out wallpaper for the three rooms. The one in the middle is for this bedroom. The flowered wallpaper will go in the other second floor bedroom, and the safari paper in the nursery on the third floor.

I like the border but didn’t want it at the very top of the wall, for two reasons: 1) it would be partially covered up by crown molding, and 2) if it’s so high up, how can the girl who lives here appreciate it?! So, I started by cutting off the border with an Xacto knife.

I plan to put it lower on the wall — more at the occupant’s eye level.

This is the SDK Miniatures Gothic Wardrobe that forms part of the hallway wall, before I glued it in. I painted it with the Tuscan Beige trim color and added drawer pulls made from pink seed beads and pin heads.

Next I loaded it up with toys. Since the wardrobe is glued in permanently, I also glued in the toys with Tacky Glue to prevent things getting knocked over and needing fixing later. (Hopefully…) About half of these toys are Peruvian ceramic beads.

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Victorianna upstairs hallway

Half scale dollhouses often need to be decorated as they’re built, or else you end up with spaces where it’s too hard to reach your hands in. I give you Exhibit A: the Victorianna’s upstairs hallway.

Because of how I’m bashing the house, this is a long skinny hallway that takes up the whole luan plywood half of the house and extends into the birch plywood half. The space is 2″ wide and about 9″ deep. The wall on the right is part of the structure, but I put off adding the one on the left until after I’d finished the hardwood floors and wallpapered the right wall.

Next I glued in the wardrobe that’s forming part of the left wall, and the wall itself. The ceiling isn’t glued in, it’s just there to hold them in place while the glue dries.

Here’s the hallway with both walls glued in. It’s starting to be a tight squeeze!

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