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Rowhouse bedroom furniture (part two)

I recently built the Gothic dresser and nightstand from SDK Miniatures to go in the bedroom of my Queen Anne Rowhouse, with the bed I scratch built. I bought SDK’s Gothic wardrobe too but it turned out to be too big for the room, so instead I put together a Cassidy Creations armoire. I also made a simple mirror to go on top of the dresser.

I glued a piece of the same jewelry filament I used on the bed onto the back of the mirror.

Initially I attached the mirror to the dresser, but it looked funny, so I took it apart and leaned it on top instead.

To make the armoire look like it went with the rest of the furniture, I contacted Susan at SDK and special ordered some more Gothic style faceplates. These are the drawer fronts from the wardrobe; turned sideways, they fit nicely on the armoire doors.

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Midnight bandits

And we thought the ducks were annoying.

Over the summer, Rosy became very finicky about peeing at night, leading us to suspect there was another animal in or near the yard. A few mornings we woke up to find the yard ransacked — dog toys torn up and tossed in the pool, the small gate that’s held closed with a cinderblock busted open, the pool vacuum pulled *out* of the pool, etc. Compounding the issue, Rosy has finally realized (five years later) that she’s capable of barking, and she’s taken it upon herself to do so whenever she hears/smells a rival in the vicinity. Oy.

Geoff set up a motion light and a couple of cameras and before long we identified the culprit: raccoons. A family of five, to be precise, although most nights it was just one. He set up spikes at the top of the fence and netting on the back of the fence to make it harder to climb over, but they just learned where the obstacles were and avoided them.

After reading online that raccoons are drawn to swimming pools, he set up an electric fence around the perimeter of the pool. It has five wires and you need to be touching two of them at the same time to get shocked. We only turn it on at night so Rosy won’t get an unpleasant surprise.

We got some pictures of them investigating the electric fence, then they stopped coming by. For a few weeks it seemed like the deterrent was successful. Then, a few nights ago, this:

Amazingly, Rosy slept through the commotion (as did we). Little bastards.

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The barrel tiles that took forever (and kind of suck)

I have been working on the gatorboard house’s barrel tile roof for two weeks, which is about one week and five days longer than I thought it would take. It hasn’t exactly been fun.

I started by painting the tile sheets with gesso, thinking this would help the paint stick to the styrene. These are G scale tile sheets made by JTT Scenery.

While the gesso was drying, I cut holes in the roof for skylights. I’m using the same Houseworks windows as on the house. I started by tracing around the inner edge of the window.

Then I cut the holes with a sharp utility knife. Compared to everything else on this roof, this part went pretty well!

Woo! Now you can see the fireplace!

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Inmate 103114

Paying homage to her early days at San Quentin, Rosy dressed up as a jailbird — err, jail-greyhuahua — this year for Halloween.

Posing for her mug shot at the Humane Society’s annual Howl-o-ween party. She ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

This was Rosy’s fifth year attending the party, and “bobbing for bones” remains the highlight of the event. Over the years she’s become a real pro. This is a dog who hates the rain and has never so much as dipped a toe in the swimming pool, but when hot dogs are on the line, she’ll dive in face first.

(Past attempts: the original | the sequel)

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