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Half scale nursery toys and crib mobile

It’s toy time! Painted ceramic beads make good toys in half scale. I already used a bunch of these in the downstairs little girl’s room. For the nursery I picked out safari-themed beads from Shipwreck Beads, to go with the wallpaper. I haven’t ordered from them, but The Crafty Bead also has a nice selection.

I spent a lot of time looking for tiny beads to use for a crib mobile. This was my first attempt. These star beads are about 5mm across and have a metallic blue/green sheen to them.

They’re a good size, but they kind of look like black blobs from a distance. Not the right look for a baby’s mobile.

Attempt #2: these flower beads come in a variety of muted pastels that go nicely with the wallpaper in the nursery.

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Victorianna master bedroom furniture

The master bath and nursery are on hold while I wait for some supplies, so I’ve been working on furniture for the master bedroom. This bed is 3D printed from Shapeways. I’m not sure how you’re supposed to put in a mattress with that open bottom. I’ve made beds before, both scratch built and from kits, and the bottom typically has slats to hold the mattress. I cut some 1/8″ x 1/8″ basswood to serve this purpose.

I painted them black before gluing them in. Tacky Glue wasn’t cutting it so I used Quick Grip, which bonds quickly but is also super messy. Luckily these joints will be covered up. I only ended up using three of the four pieces I prepared, and they’re not evenly spaced, but you’ll never see them so who cares? (Not me!)

I made a simple mattress by gluing a thin piece of foam to basswood, and then covered it with white cloth. I’d hoped to use a “Sally’s Ring” quilt I stitched a few years ago, but it’s literally one row of stitches too large to fit on the bed. Instead, I made bedding from two Restoration Hardware fabric swatches.

The comforter is Petite Foulard Bedding. I glued the hems on three sides, using the design to maintain straight edges. The stitching at the top was the bottom edge of the swatch — it came that way.

The blanket at the foot is made from Italian Vintage Baroque Bedding. I unraveled the edges a bit to look like fringe. I still need to sew some pillows for the bed, plus I have just enough of the Baroque fabric left over to make a few throw pillows.

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Victorianna nursery furniture

As I mentioned last time, that zebra’s butt sticking out the side of the corner cabinet was driving me crazy.

I was seriously thinking of building a new, slightly bigger cabinet to cover up the ass-end of the zebra. Then I realized I just needed to add strip wood to the sides of the cabinet I already had.

The piece on the left is 3/16″, and the piece on the right is 1/4″. I did it this way so both sides end neatly between animals. This room is a funny shape because of the tower, so you’ll never be able to see the cabinet straight on and the slight difference between the two sides won’t be noticeable.

I glued on the pieces, plus another support piece behind the 1/4″ square basswood for added stability against the wall.

The cabinet had a grooved trim on the sides. I filled in the grooves with wood filler.

With the grooves filled in, the cabinet trim blends in better with the added pieces. The grooved part at the bottom will get covered up with baseboard.

When the roof is in place, there’s a 1/8″ gap at the top of the cabinet. I’m planning to continue the crown molding from the wall along the top of the cabinet, but it will need something behind it to attach to.

I added 1/8″ square strips to the top. These will be entirely covered by the crown molding, so I didn’t worry about making them neat.

Here’s how it’ll look with the crown molding and baseboard.

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