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Puzzle houses turned into faux gingerbread – assembly

I just moved from a house that had a dedicated dollhouse workshop to one that doesn’t. Eventually we will build a room of some sort into the garage but for now I have a corner of the garage that doesn’t have all the storage and shelving I’m used to. Last weekend I was able to get it sort of organized…

When we moved, I got a bunch of see-through bins and tried to pack them in a logical way, since these will be the storage for all my supplies for the foreseeable future. Geoff pushed two tables together to give me a big workspace and I set up the houses in progress where I can reach them easily. The more finished houses are all upstairs in the house (kind of all over the place, though – no dedicated place to display them at the moment).

Time to test out this new setup with a new project! My parents are coming to visit in a couple of weeks and my mom and I are going to decorate faux gingerbread houses, which I will assemble and paint before she gets here. She makes real gingerbread houses every Christmas but we tried it here once and the air was too moist – the house basically caved in overnight. (Still yummy though!)

We’ll use these two Creatology puzzle house kits, which I bought at Michaels several years back. I don’t know if they’re still sold (if yes, they’re usually stocked in the spring/summer). I built the one on the right a while ago as a half scale cottage (the blog posts about that build are here if you’re curious). The one on the left, I haven’t done before.

We’ll be decorating with fake candy, also from Michaels. Most of it was 40% off in a “pre Black Friday” sale.

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Two-headed monster

This year for Halloween, Rosy is a friendly monster. The eyes and horns are supposed to go up over her head like a hood but she isn’t having any of that. So, she’s a two-headed monster.

This will be our first year not attending the Marin Humane Society’s Halloween party (in fact, I’m not sure if they’re having one, but with the move we probably wouldn’t have gone anyway). I might have to set up Bobbing for Bones in the kitchen just to give her a reason to wear the costume…

Attempting to transfer Xfinity service has been the worst part of our move

On Tuesday Geoff and I moved into a house in San Francisco. The move itself went incredibly smoothly – shout out to Delancey Street Movers for their awesome service and great price. Wednesday we went back to the old place to clean it up for the buyers, and were done ahead of schedule. On the way home we stopped by Best Buy where I got a $130 microwave for $30 thanks to a sale and a bonus reward redemption. All in all, a good two days.

Then came Thursday morning: our scheduled Comcast appointment. The fact that I’m posting this from Starbucks and not the comfort of my living room should tip you off to how that turned out. (Hint: this story plays out nothing like those Xfinity Movers Edge commercials.)

Let’s back up three weeks. On October 2, Geoff called Comcast to schedule the transfer of our Xfinity service, which we use for phone, internet, and cable TV. He told the rep that our new house doesn’t have a cable line, so a bucket truck would be needed to string the line to the house. Sure, no problem, they’ll be there on the 22nd between 8:00 and 10:00.

Yesterday at around 9:30 a Comcast contractor showed up in a van, took one look at the house, and said to Geoff, “I can’t do anything for you, there’s no cable line running to the house.”

“Right,” Geoff says, “where’s the bucket truck?”

Ohhh, the bucket truck. The one he mentioned they’d need to send when he set up the appointment three weeks ago. “I’m going to call my supervisor,” the contractor said. “You’ll get a call within 24 to 48 hours.”

“To let me know when they’ll come to string the cable to the house?” Geoff asks.

“No, to let you know when someone can stop by to confirm that a bucket truck is really needed.”

Of course, because it’s not like they had three weeks to drop by and verify that a bucket truck would be needed, and it’s not like they have a database that would show this house has never had Comcast service, ever.

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