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Half scale windchime tutorial

Another year, another swap with the Half Scale Yahoo Group. This year’s theme was “On the Porch” and I made windchimes.

The swap had nearly 40 participants this year and I made the windchimes in an assembly line over Christmas while watching the Double Fine Adventure documentary. My eyes were crossing by the end!

If you want to make your own half scale windchimes, here’s a tutorial. Of course, you can do this project in 1:12 scale simply by increasing the scale of the materials.

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Potting soil from a circular

Haven’t had much time for minis lately, but here’s a quick post. I wanted to add a bag of potting soil to the spring portion of the four seasons roombox and have been watching the weekly circulars for an appropriate graphic. Apparently spring has sprung.

I cut out the Miracle Gro potting mix photo for the front of my bag, and then another Miracle Gro bag to use for the back. I’ll position it so you don’t see the back, this is just in case you ever get a glimpse of it.

I cut them out with a little extra around the edges, and then folded along the lines of the bag to make tabs.

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Four seasons roombox — wreaths and critters

I recently placed a custom order with Marion Humphreys (4Hala on Etsy) for seasonal wreaths to go in the rotating roombox. I sent Marion pictures of my scenes and links to other wreaths in her store that I liked. She made two for each season so I could pick the ones I liked best. These are the four I selected.

At my request, they’re only about .75″ wide, which is smaller than most of the other half scale wreaths I saw in her store. To my eyes, this is the size that looks “right” on the door. I cut off the wires that came with them and glued the wreaths to the window crosspieces.

For spring I requested purple flowers to complement the flowers in the planter.

I also placed an order with Barbara Ann Meyer for critters to go in the roombox. The spring scene got a female cardinal, a robin, and a bunny.

The robin is perched on the nest that Debora (dalesq on the Greenleaf forum) made for me in a swap.

And the bunny is behind the bush, hiding from the cat.

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