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Built-in linen closet and jewelry finding fixtures

Continuing with the Victorianna bathroom: I made a false wall to enclose the tub, so it can be a tub/shower combo. I glued some basswood scraps together to make it the right width.

My initial thought had been to add a second layer of basswood with a recessed shelf for shampoo etc, but I realized the shelf would be 100% impossible to see, so I nixed that idea. Okay, then, how about a built-in linen closet?

Here are the pieces I used.

I started by gluing a top, bottom shelf, and bottom front piece to one of the sides.

I marked with a ruler so I’d know how to space out the shelves, and then glued those on. The assembly is lying on its front, to ensure that everything is flush at the front.

I then added the back piece and the other side, and clamped while the glue dried.

My side pieces, made from glued-together pieces of basswood, were sagging a bit so I added a few spacers to the open back to keep the assembly square.

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Scratch-built bathroom vanity in half scale

Feeling like the 3D printed sink I bought for the Victorianna is too small, I decided to build a vanity instead. This was one of those projects where I did no advance planning and made it up as I went along.

I started by building a cabinet out of scrap wood. The front and back are a door cut-out from the birch plywood kit that I cut in half, and the sides are strip wood. I eyeballed the height — it’s about 1.5″ inches tall which would equate to 36″ in real life.

I stained the cabinet, corner trim, and some pieces I planned to use for cabinet doors and a drawer. The stain is Minwax Classic Gray.

The corner trim cleans up the corners nicely, plus gives the illusion of the cabinet having legs.

Once I saw them in place, the doors didn’t look right. They needed to be wider but I didn’t have any scrap wood the correct width. (That’s what you get when you don’t plan ahead…)

Because I’m bad about cleaning up after a project, the ends of the 1:12 shutters I cut up to make louvered doors were still sitting on the table. They had nice straight edges and the back sides looked appropriately door-like, but they were way too thick. I scrounged up some more scraps to camouflage the thickness and came up with this.

Sure, why not? I stained the pieces and glued everything on. The door handles are straight pins, cut down.

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Victorianna bathroom closet

Because the Victorianna is fairly deep, I’m adding a closet to the bathroom so the room won’t be quite so massive. A couple of months ago I made a set of louvered closet doors using a 1:24 French door and a pair of 1:12 shutters. I’m getting close to gluing in the third floor and back of the house, and need to get the closet glued in while I still have access through the back.

Here’s how the closet will look. The wall is cut from the wall that would have closed off what’s normally the master bedroom, which I’m keeping open to accommodate the staircase.

The wall runs all the way across this room but the closet doesn’t need to be that wide to fit the washer and dryer. Earlier I cut a hole in the back wall so that the area behind the bathtub will be part of the bedroom behind this. Now, to close it off, I cut a piece of basswood to make a side wall. Because the closet wall is kind of flimsy (and because I happened to have this wood lying around) I used a 1/4″ thickness so it will be nice and sturdy.

Here’s how it looks from the other side. This will be a closet or alcove in the teenager’s bedroom.

I had enough space to add a side wall on the other side, too. This wasn’t entirely necessary but it will give the closet more stability (bigger surfaces to glue) and will also cover up a potential gap where the side wall and back wall aren’t meeting snugly.

I glued the two sides to the closet wall, putting the back and third floor in place while they dried to make sure they were in the right position. Here’s how it ended up.

Meanwhile, I messed up my doors! They were rubbing slightly and I tried to sand them down but ended up with a big uneven gap at the top. (It all started because the louvers in one of the doors were slightly wider than they should have been, causing the middle area to bow out.)

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Victorianna kitchen floor, MiniEtchers stove kit, and goodies from recent swaps

This is a long post. If floors bore you but you’re dying to see appliances and accessorized kitchens, scroll down!

Pleased with how well my micro veneer floors turned out, I decided to try a variation in the Victorianna’s kitchen using a blue/gray color of veneer that doesn’t really look like natural wood. I thought I could emulate the ceramic tile that looks like hardwood that’s become popular lately. (If HGTV is to be believed, anyway.)

I had originally stained the floor just in case I decided to continue the hardwoods throughout, so I started by painting it white. I did a sloppy job of this since it’ll be covered up.

I cut veneer pieces 3/8″ wide by 7/8″ long and started laying them down in a subway pattern. I used a white Sharpie paint pen around the edges hoping it would give the illusion of a white seam between the pieces, the same way the black Sharpie gives the illusion of a black seam with the hardwood floor.

A few rows in I found that the strips of veneer I’d cut weren’t exactly the same 3/8″ width, so my rows started getting a little funky. I replaced a few pieces and from this point on used up all the pieces from one strip before cutting another, to prevent as much variation.

It seemed like it was going to work.

But… it didn’t.

A few things went wrong here. I got overzealous leaving space between the tiles, and ended up with grout lines that are inconsistent and way too thick. I also got crooked about halfway across, which is very visible once the cabinets are in place.

I let it sit a few days and decided I just couldn’t live with it, so I ripped it all out. (Fingernails to the rescue!) The wood all came up but some of the paper backing stayed behind.

I tackled it with the Mouse sander and got it relatively smooth. I thought about using a tiled paper like this, but it was Easter so the dollhouse store was closed, and I wasn’t convinced the paper would look how I wanted it to, either. So in the end I decided to go with the known quantity and do hardwood floors in here, too.

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