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Breadbox redux — finishing the lid

After my first post about the breadbox roombox I kinda stopped talking about the broken lid. Surely all of my readers are dying to know what happened to it, so here you go! When we last saw the roombox lid, it was sitting snugly in a gluing gig. The corners weren’t quite right and Geoff fixed them for me with power tools. We glued the pieces back together with wood glue.

When the glue had dried, he took it out of the gig and sanded it for me with the mouse sander to make it (and especially the joints) nice and smooth.

I then went over it with another coat of stain.

The 45-degree angles weren’t perfect, so the seams at the corners were kind of obvious. I tried filling them with sawdust, but when I brushed on the stain it all stick to the brush and came out.

Luckily this is water based stain and, unlike oil based stain, it takes to wood filler. So I filled the seams with woodfiller and stained over them, and now the corners are cleaner. (In the pic below, one of those seams hasn’t been filled yet…)

Time to put the plexiglass back in! The piece that came with the roombox was scratched up, so I went to the local Tap Plastics to buy a new one. The acrylic I got is a tad thicker than what came with the roombox, and they cut it to size for me, for a grand total of $2.19. I was nervous about getting goop on the front of the plexi, so Geoff glued it for me using clear Lexel silicone caulk adhesive.

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Obligatory dog Christmas video

Rosy opening a Christmas present, the only way she knows how…

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Christmas breadbox – finishing touches

Two days until Christmas! Gotta get this roombox finished, or it’ll be embarrassing. :o

With the wallpaper and cabinets finished, I glued in the baseboards and crown molding.

This hanging basket is another Hallmark ornament. I had one of these already but had removed the bottom basket to make it more in scale. Since the breadbox has a high ceiling, the whole ornamnet fits, so I bought another one off eBay. Luckily this ornament isn’t as rare as the stove and fridge, so it only set me back about $10.

With the baseboards glued in, Geoff drilled holes for the lid. I could have done it myself but I’m so nervous using power tools on something so close to finished. I’m still waiting for a new knob I ordered for the lid — it probably won’t show up until after Christmas — so I plan to post another blog at some point that shows how we re-attached the lid.

With the holes drilled, I was able glue in the upper cabinet and stove hood, making sure the lid didn’t bump into them when closed. First, I put blue putty on the back of the cabinet and figured out exactly where to put it so it both lined up with the stove, but stayed clear of the lid. I marked the position with tape.

Then I glued in the cabinet with tacky glue. I’m kind of surprised clamping it like this worked, but it did. I left it alone overnight, the clamps didn’t fall off, and the cabinet is positioned just right.

Oh, and the lights still work! Considering my usual experiences with electricity, this is a Christmas miracle.

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Christmas breadbox – finishing the cabinets

Less than a week until Christmas — time to finish those kitchen cabinets! I made a countertop from two pieces of basswood.

I used a utility knife to cut a rough hole for the sink.

Then I enlarged this carefully until it was just larger than the sink. A tad too large, actually, but once the countertop is finished those cracks between the sink sides and the edges of the countertop are hardly visible.

Next I glued the two pieces together, but not onto the cabinets yet.

When the glue was dry, I sanded the top (especially the seam where the two pieces meet) and rounded the edges a bit.

I painted it with a base coat of Christmas-y green.

Then I used a dry brush with black and various shades of green for a granite effect. The process is described in more detail here.

Once the paint dried I coated the countertop with gloss varnish, and once that was dry I glued it to the cabinets. Shakespeare comes in handy again!

Next up: a kitchen island. I ordered a gingerbread prep table off Etsy and asked the seller not to glue on the items, just in case the table didn’t work with my layout. It’s a good thing, because the table is way too big.

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