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A canopy crib, and other little projects

About a month ago I learned that Dollhouses, Trains, and More will be closing, and I’m pretty depressed about it. I used to live five minutes away and went in there about once a week. Even after I moved, I’ve been making the trip every few months to buy strip wood and other supplies.

Their last day is October 28, and so far I’ve made two trips to stock up during their going out of business sale. The first time I splurged on several half scale pieces that I’d always liked looking at on the shelves.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the rest of them yet, but the the hand-painted Bauder Pine chest looks perfect at the foot of the bed in the puzzle house.

I built the puzzle house back in 2010 and finished the outside, but never finished furnishing it. Over the years I’ve added pieces here and there, and the bedroom and living room are more or less done, but the nursery and the kitchen are sad and incomplete. No time like the present!

First up, the crib. I built this from a Cassidy Creations kit. This was a finicky kit, especially the slats, which I just couldn’t glue in straight. Originally I stained it with Golden Oak and it didn’t pop enough in the room. Here’s the best picture I could find of that iteration.

About a year ago I made the questionable decision to paint it dark gray, which looked horrible. (Luckily no photographic evidence survived!) Last week I finally repainted it with Sandy Feet, the trim color I used in this house (it’s also the paint color on the bed in the photo above). The paint has gotten thick and lumpy over time and the finish isn’t my best work. It didn’t help that I had to do four or five coats before the gray stopped showing through.

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Freelance Police office — trim complete

Not liking how the wrapped floorboards looked on the front of the Sam & Max roombox, I bought some thin basswood strips to cover the base. I never really liked the paint color but couldn’t have stained it since the roombox is made out of MDF, so this gave me an excuse to trim out the whole base.

First I ran an Xacto knife along the floorboards. These hadn’t stuck well so when I cut into them I was left with two loose pieces. I pulled off the bottom pieces and glued down the top pieces. Tacky Glue wouldn’t stick so I used Super Glue.

I trimmed around the front edge of the base first.

The thin basswood and curled up from the glue.

I used a lot of tape to flatten the pieces and left it alone to dry.

While those were drying, I capped the tops of the walls with 1/8″ tall basswood, and added molding flush with the top of this.

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Freelance Police office — walls and wainscot complete

With the doors finished, the time has finally come to glue the foamcore walls into Sam & Max’s office. The walls are a snug fit and I had to be careful to make sure the edges of the two side pieces were exactly flush with the bricked sides. I didn’t want the walls sliding around during gluing and accidentally drying in the wrong position, so I used a lot of clamps to hold the pieces in place.

Next I applied wood filler along the seams to cover up the cracks where the wall pieces meet.

This was tricky around the windows, since I had to be careful not to get wood filler on the stained trim.

I kept the tape in place while the wood filler dried, then painted, and then removed the tape. Unfortunately some wood filler had seeped under the tape — very close to the trim. Yikes.

I taped over it again and used the tiniest brush I have to paint over those spots.

Next I cut down the wainscot pieces, which I’d purposefully left slightly too long, so they fit exactly.

And then I added the trim pieces to form the panels.

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