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Seaside Villa, now painted

I really intended to finish the Victorianna this year, but I’m just not feeling it right now, so I’ve turned my attention back to the Seaside Villa. The last time I posted about this house, I had painted it with Glidden Belgian Waffle, and didn’t like it.

I repainted it light gray. This is a Behr paint sample named Fast as the Wind.

This looks better with the white trim.

I had taken one of the Majestic Mansions doors to Home Depot to try to match the white for the rest of the trim. According to their computer it was plain old white. The guy handed me a sample tub (the white base color they mix dyes into) without mixing anything in.

I didn’t like it. I’m not sure if you can tell from this picture, but it was a harsh white that looked noticeably different from the Majestic Mansions trim.

I also didn’t like how the stained glass door panel looked with a white door.

This has all been sitting untouched for months, but last weekend I decided to play with the paint. I redid the pieces I’d painted with the bright white with another shade named Bleached Linen. I’d previously used this on the Victorianna’s kitchen cabinets and it seemed like a close enough match.

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Filling the shelves

Last summer I tackled the big project of re-wallpapering the stair room in the Queen Anne Rowhouse, but I never completely finished it. I realized that once the railing was glued in, I wouldn’t be able to remove the bookcases, which meant the shelves needed to be filled and the bookcases glued in before I could go further. Deciding what to put on those shelves permanently was a daunting prospect.

Since then I’ve been collecting little things to go on the shelves, and I finally have enough to move forward.

To make the books, I sized the covers in Photoshop and then sprayed them with UV sealer. After that dried, I did the added step of painting over them with satin varnish — maybe overkill, but since the books are going to be glued in for eternity I wanted to make sure the covers were protected. I glued the covers over pieces of wood, some with “gilt” edges (made with a gold Sharpie) and some with “paper” edges (antique white paint).

Of course, when the books are set up on the shelf, you can’t even see the covers! I glued batches of books together before placing them on the shelves.

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A canopy crib, and other little projects

About a month ago I learned that Dollhouses, Trains, and More will be closing, and I’m pretty depressed about it. I used to live five minutes away and went in there about once a week. Even after I moved, I’ve been making the trip every few months to buy strip wood and other supplies.

Their last day is October 28, and so far I’ve made two trips to stock up during their going out of business sale. The first time I splurged on several half scale pieces that I’d always liked looking at on the shelves.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the rest of them yet, but the the hand-painted Bauder Pine chest looks perfect at the foot of the bed in the puzzle house.

I built the puzzle house back in 2010 and finished the outside, but never finished furnishing it. Over the years I’ve added pieces here and there, and the bedroom and living room are more or less done, but the nursery and the kitchen are sad and incomplete. No time like the present!

First up, the crib. I built this from a Cassidy Creations kit. This was a finicky kit, especially the slats, which I just couldn’t glue in straight. Originally I stained it with Golden Oak and it didn’t pop enough in the room. Here’s the best picture I could find of that iteration.

About a year ago I made the questionable decision to paint it dark gray, which looked horrible. (Luckily no photographic evidence survived!) Last week I finally repainted it with Sandy Feet, the trim color I used in this house (it’s also the paint color on the bed in the photo above). The paint has gotten thick and lumpy over time and the finish isn’t my best work. It didn’t help that I had to do four or five coats before the gray stopped showing through.

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