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Cassidy Creations Hoosier cabinet & Don Perkins rocking chair

After my last post, I put together a second end table to go with the new Bauder-Pine bed.

(The lampshade on the right-side lamp hangs funny. I have to figure out how to straighten it out without breaking the lamp.)

The table kits were a good warm-up for the Hoosier cabinet for the kitchen, which I could tell from the number of pieces was going to be a big undertaking.

I’m calling this a Hoosier cabinet because that’s what it looks like, but the official name of this kit is “Kitchen Cabinet.”

I started identifying all the pieces were and organizing them based on what they were. (Bottom pieces, top pieces, drawer pieces, etc.) This is challenging because the kit doesn’t include a parts list — you have to read through the instructions and hold the pieces up to the diagrams to figure out what’s what.

I didn’t take a bunch of step-by-step pictures, but this kit took several hours of careful work to build. I stained the pieces with a Minwax Golden Stain pen before gluing.

The doors and drawers all open, and there are two slide-out cutting boards.

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A new Bauder-Pine bed

This week I stumbled upon a Bauder-Pine bed for $17 plus free shipping. Of course I bought it.

It’s signed J McC — Jayne McCormick.

Since I already have a Bauder-Pine bed for the Mansard Victorian’s downstairs bedroom, I’ll use this one in the attic bedroom. The light green bedding would have gone nicely with the light green Bauder-Pine furniture.

But I have a set of the dark green furniture that I’m planning to use in this room.

Maybe I should add a dark green cover or pillows to darken up the bed?

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Subway tile backsplash (part 2)

Picking up from my last post, I continued the subway tiles until I reached the bottom of the cabinets. My kitbashed cabinets aren’t quite square and there’s a bigger gap under the right cabinet than the left.

I thought maybe I could shove the cabinet bottoms up against the top edge of the tiles, but they’re noticeably crooked.

Here’s how it looks with the tiles level under the cabinets. You can’t see the gap from this angle, but I still need to hide it somehow.

Anyway, I continued to tile up into the hood area.

Here they are mostly done. After this, I removed the tape and moved the cabinets so I’d have space to get the final half tiles in at the edges.

With all the tiles laid down, I used a toothpick to coat each one with Cameo Ivory Gallery Glass paint.

Here’s how that looks. Now I needed to cover up the gaps where the tiles don’t exactly reach the edges of the cabinets.

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