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Victorianna egg carton brick foundation

I started the Victorianna’s brick foundation way back in the summer of 2015, and this week I finally finished it! Like the chimney, the foundation is covered with pieces of egg carton cut into 1/8″ x 3/8″ bricks.

I started on one side…

…and worked my way around the front of the house, stopping at the edge of the post near the door.

Then I went back to where I’d started and worked my way around the back of the house.

Here you can see where the two kits meet up. There’s a gap underneath the birch plywood side that’s a little too big to cover up with brick.

I glued in a piece of thin strip wood to give the brick a surface to attach to.

I cut the bricks from the flat lid of an egg carton, which had writing on the inside. This will get covered up with paint.

I continued the bricks until I got back to the front, again stopping at the edge of the post near the door. The gap is where the stairs will go.

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Victorianna chimney with egg carton brick

When I first started planning how to do the Victorianna’s roof, I made a chimney piece out of leftover kit parts. I cut the kit’s chimney piece flat where it will meet the flat roof.

I glued on a piece of 1:12 channel molding and a piece of scrap wood (a spacer from a furniture kit).

Then I glued on the other kit’s chimney piece. This little box fits over a protruding piece that would have formed the back of the chimney, if I’d built the kit according to the directions.

With the flat and sloped roof pieces now attached, I need to finish and attach the chimney before I can shingle the sloped roof. On this side of the house, the angle of the chimney meets up perfectly with the roof.

But there’s a gap on this side because my house and roof aren’t square.

I filled this in with a skinny piece of strip wood.

I glued pieces of 1/8″ x 1/4″ strip wood around the top of the chimney to create ledges that make it more visually interesting. These are spaced 1/8″ apart.

Here’s how the cobbled-together chimney looks from the top. It needs to be covered up.

I cut a piece of wood to fit inside the hole. I’ll paint this black and add chimney pots to it.

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Victorianna — the last bay window

The Victorianna has four bay windows on the front, and one on the back. I finished the ones on the front of the house several years ago — you can read about that here, here, here, and here.

In late 2018 I started on the kitchen bay window as part of the kitchen project, but once the kitchen was finished I lost interest, and it’s sat in an almost finished state ever since.

I really am determined to get this house done while I’m stuck sheltering in place during the coronavirus pandemic (that’s a phrase I never would have expected to say two weeks ago!), so this week I did the last little bit on the last bay window.

The process I used to finish the bay windows is documented in the posts I linked to above, but I’ve been saving these pictures so I might as well run through it quickly again here. The first steps were to add crown molding to the bottom, frame the insides of the windows with painted strip wood, and glue on the window acetate.

Next I covered the sides with strip wood.

I added crown molding to the top and quarter round into the gaps in the corners.

Then I added the decorative panels (1:12 scale corner blocks) and more strip wood to cover the rest of the gaps.

I added wood filler to all the seams and then painted over it.

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