Thimbleweed Park afghan complete, and being auctioned for charity!

Just about a year after I started it, my Thimbleweed Park afghan is complete. What began as a gift for Ron Gilbert to celebrate the game’s launch spun into a massive and somewhat crazy project encompassing 48 characters plus the iconic road sign. It all adds up to 72,049 stitches. Yes, I counted.

So now that it’s done, what to do with it? For me, the fun of this project was converting the original pixel art into charts and seeing the characters come to life. Now that I’ve done this (and learned a lot about charting cross stitch along the way) I want to see the afghan off to a good home.

As I was working on it and posting my progress on Twitter, people kept asking if they could pay me to make them a Thimbleweed Park cross stitch. My answer to that question is no — this was always a labor of love, not something I ever intended to make money from. On the other hand, it’s a one-of-a-kind adventure game heirloom, and I want to do something cool with it. So I’m auctioning it off for charity.

The charity in question is the Video Game History Foundation, a nonprofit that archives games and game-related goodies that are at risk of being lost forever as floppies go obsolete and old boxes and magazines end up in the landfill. They love classic adventure games as much as I do, and if I can raise even a small amount to help the cause — and pass the afghan along to someone who will love and appreciate it at the same time — then I will be very happy.

The auction just went live and it will close in seven days, on May 16, at 10:07am Pacific time (7:07pm CEST). Please help spread the word!

Update May 16: The auction has ended with a closing bid of $1,787! I’m overwhelmed!


  1. Megan

    Wow, I love the afghan!!! What an amazingly good job you’ve done. I hope it reaches high figures in the auction.

  2. ann

    Having done cross stitch, I admire your work. I can imagine the hours that you spent both in planning and the actual stitching. I can see why you turned down doing custom work. The detail that your characters have is just so amazing. Indeed someone will be very excited to own the quilt.

  3. Neilie

    This is so fantastic! I can see the work that went into this – like my needlepoint, I can see it’s not feasible to make into a moneymaking prospect. People ask to buy it, but what you’d have to charge to make it worthwhile (from an economic standpoint) would be astronomical. Anyway, great work!

  4. elizabeth s

    72,049 stitches and each Exquisitely done Emily!
    I hope your OOAK afghan fetches TOP DOLLAR for the Video Game History Foundation for this labor of love- which should be framed

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