My friend Heather Logas is a game designer. We worked together at Telltale. Like me, she’s now her own boss… and also like me, she has big, creative dreams. In my case, that creativity is generally channeled into fiction. In Heather’s case, it comes through in games, and they happen to be the types of games I love to play.

Heather’s trying to fund a project she’s been wanting to do since she was in grad school. You can read more about it on her Kickstarter page. She’s trying to raise enough cash to take a few months off from contract work, so she can focus on getting this game made. With only two days left to go, she’s about 66% of the way there.

A bit more info…

Before You Close Your Eyes is a Choose Your Own Adventure style game where you create your own personality and the choices you make have real consequences on a game world.

Remember those Choose your own Adventure books you used to love as a kid? The game is a bit like that, if it was the fevered brain child of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and H.P Lovecraft. Create your new Self by answering questions that shape your personality. The personality traits you choose for your character affect the choices you have available to you at any given point. Your chosen personality shapes the path of the story, and the decisions you make will change your fate, and the fate of everyone you will meet.

If you think this sounds intriguing, why not go pledge a few bucks to her cause? Even with the revival Telltale’s episodic series have sparked these past few years, quality adventure games are still few and far between, which often means people with big dreams like this one have to go it alone. Can’t blame a girl for trying.