This week I finished cross-stitching a “Blue Kirman” carpet in half scale. It’s stitched over-one on 35-count linen. The finished size is about 2.75″ by 4.5″ (which would be 5.5′ by 9′ if it were life-sized). This design comes from a free pattern that I found online.

Here it is in the Fairfield’s dining room (which I’m thinking of turning into a music room…)

I’ve also been working on filling up the Fairfield’s bookcase. I’m using a technique that I wrote up for Miniature Collector a few years ago. That article is archived here if you’d like to try it yourself (posted with permission from Scott Publications). Once the book covers are scanned, assembling them is an easy project that can be done while watching television. (Lately Wonderfalls has been my diversion of choice.)

Last but not least, I’ve written a how-to article for building half scale ladderback chairs that will appear in the April issue of American Miniaturist. So if you’d like to learn how to make them, that’s where to look! (My local mini shop is closed for renovations at the moment so I’m not sure if this issue is available yet…)