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Italian Greyhuahua at the beach

Recently someone found my blog via a Google search for “chihuahua Italian greyhound mix dogs.” I thought that was strange because up until now, I’ve assumed that Rosy was the result of a forbidden rendezvous between an unlikely pair of star-crossed lovers who hopped over a fence—or climbed under one, as the case may be.

I did my own search and discovered that the Italian Greyhuahua is a type of dog. Not one that’s recognized by the American Kennel Club, mind you, but I now think that Rosy’s parentage was probably not due to a chance encounter. My search turned up some photos of other chihuahua / Italian greyhound mixes that look just like her. So it turns out my funny-looking rescue dog is sort of a designer dog. Who knew?

A few days ago Geoff and his mom and I took Rosy the Italian Greyhuahua to Limantour Beach at Point Reyes. (Am I the only person who thinks a Limantour should be one of the monsters in a Final Fantasy game?) As far as we know this was Rosy’s first visit to a beach, and within the first few minutes she was running around in the sand like a crazy person dog. She tends to be reserved in new situations, so this was a great first impression (and very cute, but we weren’t quick enough with the camera to capture it…)

Rosy’s terrified of water (we’re working on it), but she enjoyed running up and down the beach and trying to get her teeth around all the crabs, mussels, and other sand critters scuttling around. Her very favorite part, though, was plopping down in the warm sand to work on her tan.

Here she is in action. Yes, I’m posting videos of my dog on the beach. God help us. (Sort of funny: when we play these back with Rosy in the room, she gets very concerned and starts to growl at the computer…)

Update January 2012: A lot of people end up on my blog after searching for “Italian Greyhuahua,” so in the interest of full disclosure I should mention that this might not be what she is. See the results of her DNA test here.


  1. She looks like such a fun dog. She has the sweetest face! I hope she likes us. Mom

  2. I have a male Italian Greyhuahua that looks just like your Rosy. His name is Mojo…Angelito Amore is his real name. I bought him when he was 7 weeks old…paid $795.00 for him… he had papers and I was told he would be about 5 lbs full grown. Guess there was an Italian Greyhound in the wood pile…LOL! I have two other Chihuahuas and was really surprised and a little disappointed at first but quickly learned to love him just as much as the other two. He’s my sweet little cuddle bug at 9 lbs and 11″ at the withers. He loves his walks loves to run and chase cats… when he gets the chance…but I live in the city so he has to be leached at all times and that’s a good thing because he’s a big time runner. Mojo is so affectionate … gives lots of hugs and kisses. I wouldn’t trade him for anything. All three of my babies are fawn colored. The ages are Mojo 6, Rambo 8 and Amber 13.

  3. That must have been a surprise! Rosy’s a little bit bigger than Mojo… about 13 and a half pounds and maybe 13-14″ at the withers. We’ve had her for about six months and she seems to have adjusted to her new home pretty well. She’s very loyal and loves to play.

  4. We adopted Otis at 13 wks…We were told he was a chiweenie. We never really thought he looked like a chahuaha or a weenie but thought that it was Bc he was a puppy. He’s now about 7 months old. We constantly get comments on his long legs, skinny & narrow physique, etc. After much confusion (Bc he looks nothing like a weenie- and EXACTLY like an Italian greyhauha) and research for months, we are convinced he is a IG/chi mix! We love him! He’s awesome and unique! He Loves to sprint at full speed, smell everything, and snuggle!

  5. how big do they get and weigh?? becuase i think my maggie is a italian greyhuahua too i had got her from the shelter and someone said she looked like a whippet and i started shearching it and found the italian greyhound and then found this…

  6. This is pretty interesting!! I had a pure bread Italian Greyhound, she was notorious for getting out. She used to bring the chihuahua down the street home with her along with the terrier mix that lived behind us. My Grandmother got sick and Rosie (my IG) was out and about all the time, because as we know, when the cat’s away, the mice will play! Needless to say, Rosie started gaining weight! My Grandmother took a turn for the worse and I brought Rosie with me to stay at my Grandmother’s. My Grandmother passed on February 16, 2011. Rosie delivered that same night! I knew it had to be one of the two dogs! Turns out it was the chihuahua, all the puppies were short haired and have the round chihuahua heads. It was pretty interesting because, some of the puppies had the long IG legs, while others have the short little chihuahua legs! Some of them are getting the IG ears now too. Who would have thought that they were designer dogs that I was giving away!

  7. My female IG is similar to Zoey’s. She loves to sprint, sniff and hug though when I have kissed her too much she will yawn in my face to telegraph for me to put her down. She alos loves a treat of organix peanut butter and microwaved sweet potatoe…

  8. I adopted a 6 lb Italian Greyhuahua who was just under 2 yrs old. He was skeleton skinny and used to ruling the roost. He knew how fast he was and used it at every opportunity. It was clear his previous owners did not know how to control him and corrected his mistakes harshly. My wife was not happy and said the dog was neurotic. We have two other dogs, a Maltese who came with my wife when we were married and a Weimaraner I rescued from a local dog pound, 13 years ago. It took a month or two for him to stop running, but he quickly learned who was the pack leader. It took a while for our Maltese to accept him, but now they play all the time. Our Weimaraner simply accepts them both. He has gained a pound and looks much healthier. Everyone who meets him loves him and wants to take him home. He loves to camp and hike and cuddle. We’re looking for another Italian Greyhuahua to rescue. Please contact us if you hear of one.

  9. So I too have rescued (what I believe a Italian greyhuahua). I wasn’t convinced on what they said my little peanut was. Only because it’s impossible. The shelter said she was chihuahua great Dane mix. Silly, right? Further investigation, (really I just met an Italian greyhound) I saw she had the same body type as an Italian greyhound. So I have been researching on their behavior and lifestyle. Of course the convincing similarity of body style. So I am convinced my sweet Peanut girl is an Italian Greyhuahua.

  10. Emily –

    I too found you while searching for Greyhuahuas. My Puppy is also of that breed. They are the best, ever.

    So, I start poking around your blog and find that… you’re kind of me…I didn’t think it was possible to find another human female out there that owns a Greyhuahua, has a love for adventure games, miniatures/dollhouses and writing… Anyway, I just felt the need to say hello and you’re awesome, cause we’re basically the same person, and I’m awesome. Kbye!

    Was that super weird?

    • Wow, bizarro world! We actually had Rosy DNA tested about a year ago and according to the lab she has no Italian Greyhound in her. Now, if you get your dog DNA tested and find that she’s actually a chihuahua crossed with an English springer spaniel (as Rosy apparently is), that will be *really* weird…

  11. I applied for a small cattle dog mix rescue but she was adopted. the woman read over my 11 page form and said that ‘Skippy’ would be a good match for us. When she said he was a chihuahua (a rare brindle deer chihuahua is what she called him). I said, “gaaaaa! I don’t like wee dogs!” She was insistent and brought him out and it was instant love. I knew he wasn’t a chi but it took me awhile to figure out that he is probably a chi/IG. He is awesome and competes in Agility. I sure wish I could post his pics for you! Love your Rosy and enjoyed reading about her… thanks!

  12. oh and btw… we did a cheek swab Wisdom Panel DNA test on Pico (aka Skippy) and it showed that his parents were a (are you ready?) a Newfoundland x MinPin and a Yorkie x mixed breed… save your $50.

  13. My dog looks almost exactly like yours except he has a black nose. Great dogs aren’t they?

  14. As an additional note. I asked the rescue what he was — his name is Clooney because he is elegant according to them –and she said a “badly bred Chihuahua”. Ha ha ha. He is very sweet and very hyper.

  15. Your Rosie and my Buddy look alot alike only Buddy has a black nose, is tan and white and 7 years old!

    Buddy is an unknown breed although he is definitely chi or chi mix . he’s a rescued dog. I have never seen a Chi though with his body type. The biggest part of his body is his chest. He has a small waist. He is 12 inches from floor to top of shoulders. 14 inches from collar to base of tail and around 12 to 13 pounds.

    He looks alot like rosie in the video also. Its kinda eerie. His curiosity will get the best of him. He doesn’t walk he’s at a constant trot if not a bit faster, thank god for 20 foot leashes!! But he does not play well with other animals. But is SUPER protective of me. As far as training he is slow to grasp a concept of a task but once he has it learned he is great.

    I always thought it was weird for Buddy’s coloring to be what it is also. He is mostly tan with darker tan near the spin and getting lighter going down. But he has black hair mixed in along a n inch wide stripe going down his spine to make him look like he has a black stripe. The back of his ears are also darker and he has black “eyebrows”

    • Big chest and skinny waist – sounds just like Rosy. We’ve had a hard time finding a harness that fits well on her…

      She’s about 15 pounds now… much sturdier than she was when we took these pictures! She doesn’t like other dogs unless they’re carefully introduced. Sounds like she and Buddy are spiritual siblings!

  16. I have one although my dogs adorns the diminutive size of the Chihuahua – But the Name of the Breed should be IG-huahua.

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