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Jane Harrop kits for the attic trunk

I had some trouble with my website recently but I think it’s fixed…? Also it’s possible that a setting in my graphics program got messed up and my pictures have been bigger than they should be lately. If you’re having trouble with slow load times, please let me know in the comments!

Working on the attic trunk roombox a few weeks ago inspired me to add more clutter, and I placed an order for several Jane Harrop kits. To justify the shipping cost, I ordered several other kits that I’ll tuck away for a someday project (and hopefully be able to find when the time comes), but here’s what I ordered for the attic: birdcages, suitcases, a croquet set, and a sled.

These are nice kits with thorough instructions. They come with sandpaper, and the birdcage kit even came with a silver Sharpie. The cages are made out of thin laser-cut card.

This kit is super simple to assemble. You just color the card, sand and buff it to dirty it up a bit, and then fold it into shape and glow.

I used a gold Sharpie for the second birdcage.

Next I put together the sled. This comes with a guide for assembling the pieces, complete with thin strips of double-stick tape to hold the pieces in place while you glue them.

I decided to leave off the tongue-in-cheek Speed Limit sign so I can put it elsewhere in the attic. My dad used to have (maybe still does?) some road signs in his basement workshop that fascinated me as a kid — how did they end up in our basement?! (Really, Dad, how did they end up in our basement…?) The Speed Limit sign reminds me of those.

[UPDATE: Here are those signs! My dad commented below on their origin.]

The suitcases are also made from thin cardstock, but this kit didn’t come with a marker. The instructions recommend a Promarker. While searching for a store that carried those, I came across a similar brand named Copics, which are sold at Michaels. When I got to Michaels I found Artist’s Loft Sketch Markers for a few dollars less.

The kit comes with two pairs of suitcases, so I got two different colors.

I like the look of these! While I was trying to hunt down the right type of marker, I wondered if it would really make a difference or if I should just use whatever I had on hand, but these do have a mottled leather look.

Here are the finished suitcases. I added a coat of matte varnish that wasn’t called for in the instructions, which makes the colored cardstock even more leather-like. The clasps were already colored silver, or I might have done one set in gold or bronze.

Finally, here’s the croquet set.

Neatly painting the stripes on the stake was the hardest part. Also, I followed the picture in the kit, but I just googled “croquet stake” and it looks like the stripes should have been farther up on the stakes.

Eh, whatever. You can barely see it inside the box. I could make another one out of a toothpick, though.

These kits were fun, quick projects to do on a weekend. I haven’t been able to work on minis the past few weeks, but I’ll get back to the Turret House soon.


  1. Love the attic! I like Jane’s kits. Was lucky to see her at a show a couple years ago. I’ll have to get that birdhouse and suitcases. I know what you mean about finding them later. haa! I try to keep unfinished kits in a plastic drawer container now – in one place. (So far, so good!)

  2. Looks great. The pictures load fine on my (slow) computer. I love Jane Harrop’s kits. They go together perfectly and everything is included.

  3. INCREDIBLE! The pictures look like a photos of a human-scale attic! Beautiful detail and amazing work!

  4. No misdemeanors or felonies were committed (by me) in the acquisition of those signs. Some from garage/yard sales, found in a ditch or left over from construction or first use. (The cardboard dog clean-up sign was a temporary until permanent signs were installed.) They now serve well as dividers in a wine rack. I’ll send you a photo. ;->

    • Thanks, I added the photo to the post. I think Danger: Men Working Above was my favorite, but seeing them now, I’m partial to the One Way sign.

  5. Great projects! I love the cages, love all of it! The attics is looking awesome.

  6. They look fun in the attic setting! I like Jane Harrop’s work, both kits and DIY instructions — I had a lot of fun with her mid-century dining table and chairs!

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