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Christmas in March

I’m working on the Cassidy Creations Federal fireplace wall, a very complex kit that has taken three weekends so far and *might* be done tomorrow… but might not. I know, I know, you’re on the edge of your seat! Here’s a quick post to tide you over.

Last week I bought a lot of half scale items on eBay and they arrived today. These pieces belonged to the seller’s mother, who had intended to build a house in a roll-top bread box. I should mention that I already own at least half of these pieces, but you know how it is with half scale… scarcity drives us to hoard! (That is what it drives “us” to do, right…? Not just me?!) And there were a few special pieces in the lot that made it worthwhile.

The four-poster bed, trestle table with benches, wooden cabinet, and rocking chair are Shenandoah. The other bed and the blanket chest are assembled Cassidy Creations kits.

This picture shows the pieces that drove me to buy this lot. The dry sink and icebox are made by Bill & Leona Goldsberry. The pie safe is the same as this one currently available from Bauder Pine. The signature on the bottom looks like GaGodfrey. I’d love to know the artist’s full name, if anyone knows.

A Braxton Payne Colonial fireplace. I have one exactly like this already. But can you ever really have too many Braxton Payne Colonial fireplaces? (Don’t answer that.)

The hutch in the middle is Shenandoah, and the settle and dresser are Cassidy Creations kits.

A set of teeny tiny flatware.

And more accessories.

Not pictured, the lot also included some flooring, three Houseworks 12-pane windows, and a door. It was a very good haul!

Some of these would work great in the Mansard Victorian, but I have my heart set on building my own Cassidy Creations kits for that house, so I’ll put most of these aside for another use.

That said, the stenciled chest coordinates nicely with my Bauder-Pine bed. I’ll pair these together in the Mansard Victorian.

And here’s why I was so eager to get my hands on those Bill & Leona pieces — I have a matching hutch of theirs already. Now I just have to find the right kitchen to use them in. Maybe I need to do a Colonial house one of these days…?


  1. Great finds! Some unique items. I have that colonial brick fireplace wall too (which I discovered broke so I have to repair it.)

  2. Wonderful pieces!
    Eileen Godfrey had a miniatures shop. I believe her son (?) made furniture, I also have a piece signed. Maybe this article will help?
    I could be wrong, and it could be someone else entirely, but I always thought it was her son who made the furniture.

  3. I love the chest with the bed you have.
    What about doing a colonial kitchen room box? Just a thought :D

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