I made a roombox for my parents for Christmas. The box itself came from The Miniature Scene, a relatively new store in Campbell. It was a little small for 1 inch scale, but worked out okay for my purposes. This is the first roombox I’ve made in recent years, and I had fun with it. There’s something very satisfying about finishing what you’ve started… and not going gray in the process!

I started with the ceiling, walls, and floors. The wallpaper is from the living room of my first house. I needed a little bit more for that house, and came across some at a dollhouse show. The woman insisted on selling me way more than I needed. I knew it would come in handy at some point! I picked up the wood panels (as well as the lights and most of the accessories) at Dollhouses, Trains, and More. The flooring is felt and the ceiling is posterboard. I’m very proud of the molding… it’s the first time I’ve done anything with 45-degree angles. I used the sander, but am going to get one of those X-acto miter boxes for future use.

There are three electrical components in the room (the two lights and the fireplace). Geoff drilled tiny holes for me (I did one all by myself!) and the wires run down the outer sides of the box.

I painted the wood panels with the red paint from my Orchid. The fireplace flickers on and off (in the photo above it’s off).

Here’s the finished room, from a few angles. I glued two wooden blocks to the bottom so the frame wouldn’t hit the table.

I lined the outside of the box with a “suede” scrapbook paper the same color as the wood panels. This covers the wires on the outside of the box.

From this angle, you can see the cross-stitched pillow a little better.

Inside, I wanted a cozy “night before Christmas” scene. I cross-stitched the holly pillow from the November 2003 issue of Dollhouse Miniatures. I wanted it to be visible (and didn’t want the back of the chair to be the center of attention), so I decided on a rocking chair from Chrysnbon. This way, you can see the pillow through the slats on the chair. I used to have one of these but I couldn’t find it, so I wound up making a new one. Other than a little trouble with the glue, it worked out okay. I like it so much, I may wind up making one of these for my Orchid as well. The little footstool came as part of the same kit.

There’s milk and cookies on the mantel, and presents around the fireplace. On the footstool is a Whitman’s sampler box. This is a family tradition… we always ate Russell Stover “little ambassadors” candies on Christmas morning. I have seen mini Russell Stover boxes before, but the Whitman’s is much nicer. You can actually see the little chocolates inside. (Lucky dollhouse people!)

My parents got the roombox home to Boston without any trouble… which was a big relief to me!