I decided early on that the third floor of the Fairfield would be “renovated” from an attic into a family room space. I wanted them to have a TV room, an area for a computer, and maybe a ping pong table or aquarium… the kinds of “luxuries” you find in a lot of today’s houses with families. Since one of the downstairs bedrooms had been changed into a reading room, I decided the family’s teenaged daughter would have a room in the attic instead.

I really don’t like how when you’re looking at one side of the attic, you can see through the roof on the other side. So, I decided to take care of this by building a little wall between the larger and smaller sections of the attic. This gives the teenage daughter a door to slam, and takes care of that weirdness of being able to see all the way through the house.

I made the wall out of balsa and used the leftover Houseworks door that I chose not to put in the kitchen. This side faces the family room area (the living room side of the house):

This side faces the teenager’s bedroom (the kitchen side of the house):

So, the larger part of the attic will be the TV room / computer room. I bought a wide screen TV, computer, and desk from HBS. The TV is electrified. I hardwired it but left the wires long in case I change my mind about where in the room to place it.

Another angle of the TV room. I am planning to put SDK Miniatures’ family room furniture (from the July Dollhouse Miniatures magazine) in here.

The false wall makes this room a little shallow, but the desk still fits fine. The lamp is one of the discontinued Marie Toner lights I bought.

View into the teen’s bedroom. A ping ping table or pool table might look good by the chimney.

I’m still playing with the layout in the teen’s room. The furniture will be a mix of the Cassidy Creations campaign bedroom and resin pieces from some of the Popular Imports sets I’ve bought recently. There will be plenty of movie posters up on the wall. The lamp is from Lighting Bug. I like how the false wall gives this room a few “nooks and crannies”.

I love this chair with the bathrobe thrown over it, but it’s just too small. I have another one in mind that’s more to scale.

I’d been planning to make the tower room into a laundry room, but then I got a resin bathtub that fits perfectly in the space so I decided to make it a bathroom instead. This picture isn’t great, but you get the idea. I am thinking of putting a piece of plexiglass on instead of the fourth wall, so you can see into the bathroom from that angle as well as through the top of the tower (when the top is removed).