Puzzle house finished!

Today I finished up the shingling and glued the porch pieces in place. Woo!

I’m not thrilled with the placement of that upstairs window. The peak of the gable was too narrow to put the window any higher but now that the porch roof is in, it looks really off center. I’m wondering if I can do something with trim or a decorative piece above the window to balance it out.

The next task will be to do wallpaper and flooring inside. I picked up a package of pastel scrapbook paper for $1 at Big Lots that should be enough for all four rooms. I also want to try doing beadboard paneling partway up the walls in the downstairs rooms.

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  1. Michael Farren

    A semicircular transom window (like the one that’s above the main front door) might work well to balance out that window…

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