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I’ve been stumbled… upon

Hey, thank you to whoever Stumbled my website a few days ago. On Saturday my Google Analytics stats went up about a zillion percent. (Many of those visitors quickly departed, but whatever. They were here for a fleeting moment, or two…)

NaNoWriMo: The End…?

As of this morning, my NaNoWriMo word count is 45,458. I’m right on schedule for hitting 50,000 words by Monday. There’s just one problem: I don’t know how the novel ends. It’s definitely getting there. About two-thirds of the way through I hit that “point of no return,” the crisis moment where the story has… Keep reading »

Bohemian Rhapsody, performed by Muppets

This is awesome. Also amusing: Beaker singing Ode to Joy

NaNoWriMo update

As of this morning, my NaNoWriMo project is up to 18,714 words—that’s 64 pages. Writing that many pages in just over a week is a pretty amazing feat for me, so I’m excited. The most interesting part of this process has been the routine. Every morning I write a scene or two, usually totaling a… Keep reading »

NaNoWriMo – am I insane?

I’ve considered taking part in National Novel Writing Month for the past few years, but never took the plunge. This year I’m actually going through with it. The goal is to write an entire novel, of at least 50,000 words, between now and November 30. This kind of goes against everything I believe in. When… Keep reading »

Scribblenauts, as reviewed by me

Adventure Gamers has just posted a feature I wrote about Scribblenauts, a unique game that released this fall for Nintendo DS. I don’t really remember the big uproar Scribblenauts received at E3 this year. I was closed up in a small meeting room most of the time demoing Telltale’s Tales of Monkey Island, which had… Keep reading »

Announcing Dragons Vs Robots

It’s been a little over two months since I left my day job, and one of the wonderful discoveries I’ve made is that being a free agent gives me the opportunity to do all sorts of work with all sorts of different companies. (And work on my novel. Yes, that.) Over the summer I hooked… Keep reading »

Shank is his name, and Shank is his game…

I spent the weekend helping out with PR for Klei Entertainment’s new shoot-em-up / beat-em-up / slash-em-up / stuff-grenades-in-their-mouths-and-blow-em-up game, Shank. I’m usually more of a “make peace, not war” gamer, but after a few moments’ apprehension I found that I really enjoyed the Shank demo that Klei had playable at PAX. Here’s a little… Keep reading »

Public Relations in Games: The Science of Secrets

Hey Marty, don’t look up! Before I left Telltale, I did an interview for this Gamasutra article about game PR. The article just went up yesterday, which gives it a Back to the Future-esque quality. Sort of like when Marty McFly from the second movie is climbing the scaffolding over the stage while Marty McFly… Keep reading »

Miami Law review

My review of Miami Law has been posted at Adventure Gamers. Sorry to say I didn’t like it very much. The story was weak, the characters generic, and the game relied too much on tedious dialogue and repetitive timed mini-games, with too little enjoyable gameplay to carry it. On the plus side, it comes with… Keep reading »

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