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Gingerbread dollhouse – step away from the frosting!

My gingerbread dollhouse looked pretty good the way I had it, but I wanted to finish the roof and front door, and play around a bit with frosting. And… I might have ruined it. I mean, it’s still adorable, and I had fun with it, but I went WAY overboard on frosting — past the… Keep reading »

Gingerbread dollhouse decorating

My parents came to visit last weekend, and gingerbread houses were on the agenda! Here’s what we started with (read the earlier posts here and here to see how I got the houses to this point). I already built a puzzle house like the one on the left, so my mom decorated that one and… Keep reading »

Faux gingerbread, now with texture

With the puzzle houses assembled, it’s time to make them look (sort of) like gingerbread. But first, here are some pictures of my mom’s real gingerbread houses, for context. The stained glass windows are made from crushed Lifesavers, and the pieces are glued together with melted sugar. Note the open doors. As a wee lass… Keep reading »

Puzzle houses turned into faux gingerbread – assembly

I just moved from a house that had a dedicated dollhouse workshop to one that doesn’t. Eventually we will build a room of some sort into the garage but for now I have a corner of the garage that doesn’t have all the storage and shelving I’m used to. Last weekend I was able to… Keep reading »

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