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Puzzle house landscaping — getting started

Over the past few weeks I’ve been collecting fake flowers to landscape the puzzle house, and today I made the first few plants. Click here for a close-up. I want this garden to have more of an autumn color scheme than the Fairfield’s pinks and purples, so I’ve been looking for more subdued foliage. I… Keep reading »

A tree grows in Puzzleland…

Today I made a tree to go outside my puzzle house. I used a bare Lemax tree that I bought on clearance years ago and the “foliage” left over from the Fairfield’s shrubbery. The tree is from the Sugar ‘n Spice line, which means it’s supposed to look like candy. It started out white and… Keep reading »

Fairfield landscaping behind-the-scenes exposé

The other day I posted a bunch of pictures of the finished Fairfield garden looking all nice and pretty. Now I’ll show you how it got that way. Most of the supplies my mom and I used to landscape the Fairfield were fake flowers that came from Michael’s, with a few previous Dollar Tree purchases… Keep reading »

The Fairfield’s garden, in full bloom

My Fairfield has been in progress for six and a half years, and it’s *this* close to being complete. I have some details to finish (a few baseboards, the upper porch railings), plus I’m still working on furniture for some of the rooms. But even though it’s not quite done, the house has been placed… Keep reading »

Spring has sprung (in multiple scales!)

I’m not much of a gardener, but last summer I discovered that growing vegetables is a lot of fun. (And yummy!) This week Geoff’s mom helped me pick out and plant veggies for a second round. This year’s garden includes three types of tomatoes: one plant each of Juliet grape and “brown berry” tomatoes, plus… Keep reading »

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