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Brackets from JMG Miniatures

I haven’t done anything with the Victorianna since October when I worked on the porch. I wasn’t happy with the sunburst brackets, especially at the short ends. I thought it might look better to use brackets that curve inward, so they form an arch when they’re so close together.

Right around this time I placed a order that included a pair of small dragon corbels, intending to use one of the corbels to cover up a gap in the downstairs staircase (more on that later in this post). I used the extra to make the faux rake for the Four Seasons Roombox.

These brackets are made of cardstock, not wood, but they’re pretty sturdy and I like the detail. The manufacturer’s website has several more styles than are on, in different sizes, at half the price. Unfortunately, ordering directly from JMG Miniatures turned out to be a frustrating experience. In the interest of full disclosure, there’s an explanation of what happened down at the bottom of the post.

Here’s how the new bracket looks compared to the original bracket. I like how the curve compliments the sunbursts over the window trim, rather than competing with them like the original brackets did.

Paint scrapes off these brackets more easily than wood. Also, a layer of paper sluffed off two of the spokes on the dragon corbel (making them dangerously skinny). The same thing happened with the other dragon bracket when I painted it for the rake, but it didn’t happen with the webbed brackets I’m using on the porch, which aren’t quite as delicate.

Like with the window trim, I love how the curves of the brackets compliment the curved pediment over the door.

They blend in more than the original brackets, almost getting lost when you look at the house from a distance. I think that’s okay? They give the tops of the posts a nice shape.

And this looks much better to me than the two sunbursts did in this small space.

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Half scale umbrella drink

This week I went to Dollhouses Trains and More hoping to find an iced tea or lemonade set to use in the summer lounge chair scene. They didn’t have anything like that in half scale, but they did have this tropical drink. It’s a bit elaborate for lazy summer lounging, but it was too cute to pass up.

After I got it home I noticed something funny about it. If the red things sticking out are supposed to be straws, what’s the gray wire? It looked like something used to be glued to it. I wasn’t sure if it had broken on the way home or if it was like this when I got it off the shelf.

I looked online and found this picture on the Handley House website. My drink is missing its umbrella.

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Dandelions and summer lounging

Of the four seasons, the summer portion of my rotating roombox started out with the least obvious theme. Spring has flowers, fall has leaves, and winter has snow… what about summer? I gave the grass dead patches, but besides that there isn’t anything obvious about the base scene that really differentiates it from spring.

I’ve been hoarding a dandelion kit from SDK Miniatures for a while. I thought I could add one to the grass to suggest (along with the brown spots) that the lawn isn’t being cared for… it’s so hot that the people who live here have let the yard go.

The picture on the front of the kit only shows yellow dandelions, but when I opened it I was pleasantly surprised to also find supplies for the white, “make a wish” balls dandelions turn into. This gave me the idea to use the dandelions to show the passage of time, with yellow ones in the spring and white ones in the summer.

Here they are assembled. I had a horrible time with the leaves. The same thing happened with the plants in the spring planters, I just can’t get them to stick to anything. They fall over and get stuck to my toothpick and don’t turn out anything like the leaves in the picture.

Luckily these are going to be tucked out of the way next to the door, so the messy leaves aren’t too obvious. I glued down each plant (the base is made from air dry clay) and then added crumb grass around the edges to blend in with the Noch grass.

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